How I Style : Dr Martens 1460

How I Style : Dr Martens 1460
Hey guys! so today I filmed this short ‘how to style docs/dr martens lookbook’. I hope you enjoy it and draw inspiration from it! thank you for watching!!! My links: …

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  1. Sofrizan414 G'JaNz says

    Love dr martens n nice video👍👍🇧🇳🇧🇳👍👍

  2. Alinka Alicja says

    gurllll you are so cute here!!!!

  3. Samantha Sheep says


  4. Takakuraken San says

    How much is doc martens?

  5. Mariasita says

    i like your shoes👢it look so tumblr💋💋💋

  6. sushiesalmon 20 says

    I love the first outfit 💋

  7. Jonsing Hip Rivera says

    I love your eyes!!! 😍😍😍

  8. Julius Young says

    toro y moi nice!!!

  9. J. van Gelderen says

    is that a london accent?

  10. AchoAyat says


  11. naina Mirza says

    watching you now makes me feel so good that you have done a lot in the couple of past years …love ya Roxi …xoxo

  12. kat zl says

    looking stunning 🔥🔥

    It's so kind of you to this most youtubers don't do this btw congratz with your 1mill subscribers🎉🎉🎉🎉 I would like to win the urban decay palets or the skincare products since I have a really bad skin just a few weeks before my wedding😭😭

    I will make an twitter account on the nam lizzz_morozv
    my instagram account is : @lizzz_morozv

    xoxo liza ❤❤

  13. Fabienne Marie says

    Dr Martens are the most fancy and omgsounicorn shoes in THE WHOLE WORLD!

  14. Ioanna Athan says

    Ι really like your style its very similar with mine! Also i think you rock with blonde hair…you look like a supermodel! Dont even think to change them ok? Kisses from Greece!

  15. Carlos Giovanni Salvatori says

    I really love the travel/art student outfit 😀
    I'm a boy and I found this inspiring <3

  16. Let's Learn says

    Why are girls so damn weird

  17. sarah grlx says

    I loveee ur look !! Btw you're so pretty!! I'm planning to get docs soon, so I was wondering, how do you 'break' them? I heard we had to because the leather is very stiff.. If that makes any difference, I'm buying the UK leather version, not the american one… Anyway, thank you! You just earned a new follower 😉 btw our cats are twinsss

  18. Thalia Nguyen says

    what is her natural hair color?

  19. Befashionlikediva says

    Your style is on point ,love it! New subby ♥ Kiss from France

  20. Erin Birdwhistell says

    I love your style! Most girls where I live are too into the "common white girl" look XD also, your cat is so adorable! What breed is it?

  21. LucyL __ says

    Love Nirvana 😀

  22. chinadevina says

    Such cute outfits! Love how you switched the laces in the first outfit! Its the little details that make it look amazing 🙂 xx 

  23. turtle_butt_ says

    can u do a hipster makeup and outfit tutorial? ^.^ 

  24. Saarah Hasan says

    Your hair looks great on the half up do!! ;)) xx

  25. Jess Wanderlost says

    Great outfits! Loved all the outfits very much. And that hairstyle from No2 suites you really well. Must try this 🙂  

  26. Lily G says

    We have the same DM's except mine are burgundy! I've had mine for a while but these outfits are so nice I'll have to try to re -create them! Thank you xxx

  27. theomgblogger says

    Where's your jacket/kimono thing from in the second outfit?? 🙂

  28. StealTheSpotlight says

    Love all these outfits, you have an amazing style!

  29. Stephanie R says

    All these outfits look perf with the docs! You look so good(-:
    What's the song?

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