How I Styled My Bangs! 3 Easy Ways

Hi guys, I hope are having a wonderful day! For this week’s tutorial, I decided to show you guys how I styled my bangs as for the complete hairstyle, I will …

How I Styled My Bangs! 3 Easy Ways
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  1. Kara Nadine says

    wow this is another early gift. my birthday is like, in two hours 😍 LOVE U SICHEN ! ✨

  2. me love jimin long time says

    omigout her smile is so pretty 😣😣

  3. Laura M says

    always those asians wearing lenses

  4. Yemima Hutapea says

    How did you cut your bangs?

  5. I see you - Missio says

    how does it feel to be a goddess

  6. Serena Gesa says

    Love the music choice.

  7. Chunji천지 says

    Omg u're so pretty-

  8. Fatemeh Dolati says

    amazing tutorial thank you ❤❤❤❤

  9. Diane N says

    awesome video

  10. unski punski says

    My bangs are like 0:48 .they annoy me so much and I keep touching then so they don't look stupid but they just go back

  11. Paige-Leah Calleja says

    Please can we have a video on how to get the whole hairstyle 🙏🏼

  12. Dor L says

    Oh my goodness. So easy to follow. No bs. Thank you

  13. Scarlett says

    yes hair is perfect etc.. but damn your smile is PERFECTION, i’m so jealous 😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Judith Aispuro says

    Awh you’re so pretty

  15. LulMeowMeow says

    Jeezzzz shes so pretty 😍 i just got bangs today and they look so weird 😐 .

  16. the other Anna says

    I just got my hair cut like this and I hate it. I wish my hair wasn’t curly

  17. E says

    It looks great on you! ^^ But if you had a huge forehead like me it would be much harder, because if there's only one hair in the wrong position, it looks awfull xD

  18. Yvonne Abrogar says

    You look like IU🖤

  19. Emma AJPW says


  20. seolᄉᄅ says

    fall in love with this channel

  21. Ur local meme dealer says

    I am so so happy for this video. I am actually really thinking about getting bangs for a long time and getting a somewhat bob again.
    (Funfact we both have a very similar faceshape)

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