How I TRANSFORMED My Body – my workout routine

How I TRANSFORMED My Body – my workout routine
How I TRANSFORMED My Body – my workout routine Back in 2016 I had a bad spinal injury and the pain was only getting worse. I learned that strengthening …

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  1. AzzyLand says

    Back in 2016 I had a bad spinal injury, I couldn't walk for a full month and the pain was only getting worse. I learned that strengthening muscles like my glutes really helped the pain. Almost three years later here I am and I feel stronger and healthier than ever. I've included all the exercises in the description! Hope this helps you <3

  2. CristinaTheGem says

    “Why is everyone telling me what to do ( 0:51).” If this isnt my mood all the time, I dont know what is haha😂😂👍

    EDIT: Still watching the video. Tf is going on… why is every part funny lmaooo what did i come to this video for? Oh yeah, workout tips. Focus. Focus. Focus. HAHA!!😂😂

  3. demonicole says

    Can you or have you done a what I eat in a day video? Or just tell us what your calorie intake is comprised of. Especially the difference in what you recommend during a weight loss phase vs a bulking phase

  4. Jax Morris says

    Im sorry but its not that impressive when you do it once


    Her boyfriend kinda looks like a young Howard Stern lol I just noticed

  6. Isaac Friesen says

    WOW AZZY YOU LOOK DANM NICE can you break up and have me please drop a like if you want Azzy

  7. ugly says

    I thought she was lazy

  8. Star Moon says

    I recently started to go to the gym and this was just inspirational!!! ❤❤❤

  9. Malay Dragon says

    Nice work Azzy. Straight killing it with the lift. Now have a new reason to add to the many reasons why I'm subscribed.

  10. britta julstrom says

    How do I get a flat stomach

  11. Mackenzie Smith says


  12. Jason Conley says

    this will become her highest rewatched video of her career lol

  13. PgTrym91 on Xbox says

    you looking gorgeous … im sorry x) for getting carried away

  14. Kaylee Shukaliak says

    No time to “waist” 6:22

  15. Jasmin. ARMY[] [] says

    I requested for this on Instagram and I was so afraid you would think I'm a hater insulting you cause I was jealous
    But I couldn't find the right exercise cause each of them ruin your body together

  16. Jasmin. ARMY[] [] says

    Thanks azzy😍🤩😘😍🤩😘

  17. Jasmin. ARMY[] [] says


  18. MOUREEN AYAD says

    Can resistance bands break?

  19. Saar Bergmans says

    hahahahhahah Asszy

  20. Aldxie Moreno says


  21. Yes you did use that machine wrong.

  22. Algmond Sandoval says

    Imagine azzy in an avengers movie 😁
    I would watch it

  23. Bri Villamor says

    Love your personality! Made me laugh and inspired me too! 😃😃😃

  24. raghd mohammed says

    Can you do an abdominal workout if you work them pleasssssssseeeeeeee also btw your body is goalzzzz!!!

  25. My/ Vibez says


  26. G R Simpson says

    If you want to properly work on you flexibility, do Tong zi Gong

  27. Westantae says

    2:27 that looks…ummm….never mind

  28. Hope Hendrix says

    Could you do a what I eat in the day video? I always find them so interesting.

  29. spiker sanixo says

    girl u are s3xy

  30. Mercy Romin says

    Hey azzy can you like do one with floor exercises? If you have any cause I can’t afford to go to a gym 😭

  31. we live in a society says

    When you have social anxiety and can't even stand the thought of going to a gym, so you do cardio in your bedroom…

  32. Omar Alaoui says

    And jordi didn't do anything about this video???

  33. Giulia P says

    I just feel like it's a little bit too much

  34. Kamie The College Girl says

    Where can I find those leggings? Love them!

  35. alfredo paramo says

    How is Jordi so ripped
    See him in the background

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