How To Cook Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

How To Cook Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs
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  1. Winterstick549 says

    So refreshing to watch a quick, to the point cooking video.

  2. Carl Brutananadilewski says

    You don't add the eggs until after the water is boiling… it only takes 10 minutes… this video is garbage.

  3. Majestic Twelve says

    Does adding a lid to the pot to speed up the boiling process affect anything?

  4. rookere says

    4-16 minutes lmao

  5. jeffrey's finds says

    If you want to watch a stupid video with s*** music congratulations you have found it here. Or you can just go on Google and Google it you won't have to listen to the stupid music

  6. Fill says


  7. OC gmail says

    So much work 🙄

  8. Dave Satross says

    How long u dumb fuck

  9. SuperNova 22 says

    This helps thanks

  10. Donna MacDonald says

    No fail

  11. zachisonfire says

    You know her breath stunk like a nice Fart after she ate one

  12. ツWasntMe says

    Legit easiest video I’ve seen on YouTube thanks 🙏

  13. Egg Supreme says

    Yay, I am egg

  14. NANCY MONIA says


  15. streakfighter says


  16. starbright78 Diaz says

    What I do is let the water boil first then put the eggs in boiling water put timer on for 15mins then rinse with cool water and that's ready to peel nicely 😉

  17. Donna Henderson says

    Not cooked enough

  18. Terry Melvin says

    or this variation- eggs in cold water, put on the stove, burner on high. Let the eggs come to a furious boil. Wait one minute then turn off the burner, cover the pan and let the eggs cool on the stove. Voila perfect eggs!

  19. Bass Raider says

    Needs 30 mins in ice

  20. Donna MacDonald says

    Worth the effort👌👌

  21. G money says


  22. Sou says

    Me : Today I'll have a hardboiled egg.

    Tasty ✔ : Not if you dont have half an hour to sit and wait buddy.

  23. Jeremy Mallon says

    Anyone know what song this is?!?

  24. Neth BT says

    This video sux…just boil em for10 minutes

  25. NoBro321 says

    Is it worth the wait?

  26. Avery Scarlett says

    If you want to ruin your eggs follow this ladys instructions should be 10 minutes for hella soft.

  27. rideordieguy rideordieguy says

    LMFAO by the time you ready to eat that egg you could've made beef stew. U FUKIN kiddi

  28. HioSSilver1999 says

    No reason to make hard boiling a egg so damn hard. After the water comes to boil for a few minutes turn it off and walk away. When they cool eat them….unless you like them hot. Then take them out of the water and eat them hot.

  29. Baltie Araneta says

    My eggs never peel that smoothly 🙁

  30. Khayehl Tedoco says

    I just put the egg when i cook rice. Basic!

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