How To Get Over Your Ex

How To Get Over Your Ex
Just a casual drink with your ex girlfriend… Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Take A Bow Steven Wilson …

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  1. Raven Reversal says

    Hannah bongtanna

  2. Pure Salt says

    Maybe she wants Hannah Bongtana back?

  3. C Lykins says

    Gosh, this gal. This gal right here. Who could ever break up with her??? I love all of her videos. A1 quality content.

  4. Litzy Colin says

    She has the Chicago flag tattooed on her arm!

  5. Maharani Mardhotillah says

    Hannah Bongtanna, the best of both world.

  6. A True Love Official says

    Moving on is hard but taking baby steps forward is the most important stepping stone towards healing. Don’t be afraid of pretending you’re ok until you genuinely feel fine. Otherwise, face the truth and don’t lie to yourself. Instead, accept your situation now and feel glad that you are beginning a new chapter in your life.

  7. gutsjoygian says

    1:03 hahahah

  8. Kang Hyeun Kim says

    Can someone please tell me the full name of that guy who shows up briefly in brittany’s imagination???

  9. 소나 says

    The advice at the end was the best I ever heard on moving on. The best.

  10. l0nEly AddIct says

    All the hot girls are either taken or straight!!!

  11. 世界こんにちは says

    Who is Farah

  12. Emily Davis says

    This video and ‘how to win the break up’ is why I have decided to subscribe. They are healing.

  13. Royal X says

    this actually helped

  14. Charlotte Tudor says

    Pretty much one week from now this is happening. My ex is traveling from the other side of the country for a vacation of the sort and she asked me out for a casual outing, I'm freaking out just like Brittany. I just.. What Chris said is exactly what my best friend just told me. I'll try to drop by to say what happened, but this advice I'm following for sure. I hope I feel this great when it's over xD

  15. Lydia Blaney says

    Tbh: Brittany is literally the most adorable human being assffhjjk and their friendship is goals

  16. AdoboramaTV says

    it's a fixed story. so this video won't guarantee how to get over your ex. every relationship is different.

  17. Nikki and Izzy! says

    0:29 sounds like nikki

  18. Peter Weatherley says

    Weird thing is this both is and isn't helpful. The ex I'm trying to get over is called Alexis…

  19. ur local sad cacti says


  20. zaitesushion says


  21. Patrick Yeh says

    What if you got dump?

  22. TastyElysian says

    i feel like i want a lesbian bestfriend, im a guy

  23. Rockiy says

    I love Britney <3 She be fire, no matter what she wear. AAaaaaand i have a huge crush on her <3 Brit, can i be ur gf pls

  24. ArushiDutt says

    Such natural acting! Super relatable! Loved it!

  25. Anushka Das says


  26. Anonymous Candle says

    Hannah Bongtana! I'm so naming my next piece that.

  27. Life is bright says

    Who's farrell?

  28. Zaid Khan says

    i came here to not miss my ex but i just cant stop loving everything…anything and everything just bcz its them..i need help ugh….its really pathetic of me to be like this

  29. Celine Nguyen says

    why you cry Brittany? why you cry?

  30. Anusis Aman says

    I miss u two!!! Plz come back or make ur channel! Plzzzzzzzz😭😭😭

  31. move im gay says

    Alexis is on Her Story

  32. Master Mew Mittens says

    I'm looking for someone that would love me, so if anyone heare wants me I'm heare. I'm a girl, by the way, so yeah I'm looking for someone. Because i feel sad, and lonely I'm 13 year old girl, I'm looking for someone because ex betrayed me. So if your single, I'm right here.

  33. Boshra Danishyar says

    This video saved meeeee I was crying n lost the will n was gonna text him but I didn't thank you 😢💕💕💕💕

  34. Kimbap Kidding says


  35. Cheyenne M says

    I love these two and really needed both this video and the "How to Win the Break-Up" one. Brittany and Chris both are wonderful.

  36. Salma Elshamy says

    ive been watching buzzfeed vids for like 2 hours now 😂

  37. Shi Shi says

    surprisingly this video actually helped

  38. Totti Mund says

    this is exactly where I'm at right now.

  39. Navid Haider says

    Good advice. really good.

  40. Tomato Mcnuggets says

    The brunette is my crush…like…but she'll never beat Jennifer Lawrence

  41. OoSsTt90 says

    Oh my god this is so true

  42. rihanna hazel says

    missing Brit in buzzfeed

  43. Celene San says

    Brittany, I would date you 😍

  44. Avery Hentzel says

    Brittany is my spirit animal

  45. Electra Heart says

    666 dislikes

  46. fili rivera says

    Does anyone ever feel like their life is strange and maybe one day should write an autobiography of yourself? I feel like that all the time and I want to know if I am not the only one.

  47. brooke m. says

    they both left Buzzfeed 😭

  48. Pixel Rated says

    I wish I had a cool lesbian friend like Britt. Or any friends in the entire world at all.

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