How To Get Rid Of Red Hair – My Story + What Worked For Me

How To Get Rid Of Red Hair – My Story + What Worked For Me
Hey lovelies so due to many requests I decided to film a video on how I got rid of my red hair and talk you through the process and what products I used. I hope …

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  1. ayeni sia says

    Thank you i m glad to see ya prpcess bc i m suffering from red shade i had died mine red so so manu times and black i bleached it many time and colored it so many in last weeks I'm now copper 😆 I want lighten it lile bite wish me luck 😓😒😜

  2. Germ Kullar says

    Oh man. I coloured my beautiful brown hair red n hated it. I only left it on for 20mins..i then coloured it brown different. So coloured it again with ash brown. Red doesnt wanna go away buts its very dark red now. I feel like shavin it off

  3. Heather ASMR says

    Whilst ur trying to get rid of it, im dying to get it!

  4. VITAL Virgo says

    The ginger looked COOL I think lol

  5. Vanessa Copeman says

    You look like Cara Delevigne (sp?)

  6. prettyredhead massey says

    Love the color know this is old rock you would look great blonde wgat blonde or whatever color was u wanting

  7. kaylee3x gaming says

    If you want to strip your hair colour crush up vitimin c tablets mixed with shampoo leave on your hair 4 10 mins them wash off

  8. Mariasita says

    oh my god i want your hair😘😘😍

  9. Destiny Jackson says

    WHATS WRONG WITH BEING GINGER? I'm ginger with blonde highlights 😂

  10. impending euphoria says

    if you want to counter act red tones in brown hair u need a green toned dye to neutralize it.. if u had lifted to a lighter color like a blonde it would have been easier to tone out then put a neutral or ask light brown over it.. the toners u were using that had purple and blue work to take out orange and yellow typically seen in blondes

  11. Loreta says

    I toned my hair with random toner. And woops..
    I bleached them, dyed them and again bleached.
    Now they are again orange blond.

  12. Ambzmariebaker says

    I've just stripped my hair too from red. come say hey anyone who wants to see a jobaz stripper kit result also bought in UK 😀 loved thisss

  13. Hollace Browning says

    ahhh that accent

  14. Raf27w w says

    Your eye colour is amazing really beautiful

  15. Phoenix Airbender says

    I love your hair color!

  16. Steph Daisy says

    I love the way you looked with red hair your eyes stand out and your skin tone just looks so flawless with that red tint .. Thanks for the video

  17. Sophie Harrison says

    Can you do an updated version on what products you used after doing all of what you said on the video? currently stuck with ginger hair so would help! Xx

  18. Tamara Wooten says

    … It's still red.

  19. Patricia Garcia says

    I love your hair w those dark colored eyebrows!

  20. B L says

    I'm a colorist, us a blue based toner not a violet toner (this includes violet shampoos, conditioners)
    Blue neutralizes copper (aka orange) Violet neutralizes yellow
    Since your hair is copper use blue to get a neutral color

  21. Sophie Jack says

    I have red hair and I wanted to dye my hair due to bullying, so when my parents approved of me getting it done the hairdressers wouldn't do it, because my hair colour is apparently to special. u can guess I was mad, 🙂

  22. simplgab says

    Please!! Can u let us know how you got from that color to light blonde? Thanks!

  23. herusername1904 says

    Hey Roxi, would you consider making an updated version of this and tell us how you achieved this gorgeous blonde color? xx

  24. Kristina Marquez says

    It looks red on my phone.

  25. M Nikolaeva says

    Golden blonde suits you so much!

  26. Willa says

    I actually love the color you have right now!

  27. Savana F. says

    Before i dyed my hair i had a light brown almost golden colored hair, and my friend thought it would be really cool if we dyed are hair together, so i dyed mine mahogany brown/redish brown and i kept redying it for about 3 months and it was a mistake cuz after a few weeks it was turning a carroty orange. So ever since then ive not dyed my hair and tryed so many ways to get it out but nothing works, its still carrot orange and its slowly getting lighter. But im afraid of stripping it or coloring it again.
    What do i need to do?

  28. Nikki Najs says

    It's funny cause your story is EXACTLY what I did when I started to try to go back to my natural colour :'D I never got it to stop shifting in orange though, the only thing that worked was to dye my hair with a cool toned brown that was darker but once that washed out after a few months, the hair started to look orange-y again.

  29. camryn!! says

    So I dyed my hair a bright red without any bleach (my hair was light brown before) and it was nice, I kept re-dying it for about 7 months. And I thought since I'm cutting my hair soon (February 10) Id thought I would dye it back. So I went and bought 2 boxes of olia in medium brown. After I dyed it it was ok, it was way too dark and there was patches of red showing. So I went a week later and bought 2 boxes of light brown hair dye. I thought it would cover everything up. But no. It turned horrible. In some places it looks blue and in others red. I honestly don't know what to do now. Do I dye it like a very very light blonde? Or will it turn like redish blondish brownish? Any advice?

  30. Anna Bell says

    That's great. Can you point me to the video where you went from this ginger to your now blonde, can't find. 😀

  31. Elle R'hur says


  32. Despoina Dala Beer says

    You look like Sansa Stark

  33. Skye says

    I have had this same exact problem!! I cannot get rid of my red color, thank you for the tips this was helpful <3 love your videos! 

  34. Abby Farrell says

    I bleached my hair and it went very orange! I found the Bleach Blondes purple shampoo by Lee Stafford works alot better than the platinum shampoo you have 🙂 I tried both and thats what I found anyways! x

  35. dontcareeful says

    Is there a certain brand of hair dye that you use to get that shade of red? I've been trying to look for one but it's always a bit too orangy for me. (Preferably one that can be found in America thanks!! xx)

  36. Emma Dixon says

    yes where did you get that shirt? love it & you

  37. Jessica Merritt says

    I really like your hair!

  38. Dionne says

    Seriously? 1 person disliked? That person must be hella mad

  39. Dystopian Dolly says

    Please can you do a foundation routine? Thankyou 🙂 I have red hair and wouldn't suite blonde but you really do 🙂

  40. Richelth Galindo says

    Kylie Jenner Makeup, please.

  41. doublecrosserfm says

    That colour suits you! Please don't make it platinum blonde because it rarely suits people who don't have it naturally and can look a little tacky. This colour really brings out the tones in your skin and looks better with your green eyes. 

  42. Ella loves glitter says

    please could you follow me back on twitter its @careyella 
    i love your videos x

  43. skyetaylorr_x says

    I definitely recommend b4 colour remover!

  44. Tina Savcheva says

    why did you get rid of your red hair… it was amazing on you

  45. R Soraya says

    A week after you replied to me about red hair I changed mine to red again and now you're a blonde! Haha

  46. Ivana Castillon says

    I want to dye my hair red like the color you had, I didn't know how difficult it's to get rid of red hair :'c
    (I do not know if I write this correct, sorry for my english but I'm Mexican)

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