How To Kick Out The Cold With This Cold Buster Tonic • Tasty

How To Kick Out The Cold With This Cold Buster Tonic • Tasty
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  1. Swale M says

    holy shit that’s disgusting

  2. Bere Parra says

    Re: that first recipe of the “cold booster” —NOPE. They just added everything they read that had vitamin C, and JALAPEÑO + HABANERO are you for real?!? Chiles do have a ton of vitamin C BUT they irritate the mucoses like HELL, so it’s totally a counter indication for people with the flu or any type of respiratory tract infection. Regarding the rear, it’s just overkill…either use the citrus + ginger + honey OR the onion + honey OR the garlic + cinnamon + honey. You do not need all this together, much less fermented ffs…


    Just drink honey lemon tea

  4. fivelightsonahill says

    Why not just eat a bowl of chicken soup and take some meds.

  5. MR ICE says

    if take more than a weak it's not cold , it means you're gonna die

  6. jaybuckODT21 says

    Brad Leonne has entered the chat…

    See you missed an important step.. “You gotta burp that bad boy.”

    Gone blow the dagum house up

  7. dogboy says

    that cannot taste good

  8. Qstionbl Omens says

    Oh okay, you’re trying to kill somebody with that “remedy.”

  9. mehdi ig: izmehd says

    cries in australia

  10. David Johnson JR says

    Sick today.
    Store for 3-4 weeks.
    I’m dead.

  11. someoneintheshadow45 says

    The only “cold buster tonic” that actually works is pepper jeera rasam. And yes it’s an actual recipe that only takes 30 mins to prepare. Just google that and make it.

  12. Leg-ace-y says

    Just take an emergen-c once a day and soak in a warm bath for a bit. Also some warm tea, with a bit of honey should help.

  13. recoil53 says

    I refuse to take any cold tonic that does not have a healthy dose of whiskey.

  14. Ravenn Blöøm says

    To everyone well 80% of the comments or so..
    Make this every month for the rest of your life.
    Then this will be a cold buster.
    You make one every month and next time you get the cold and every other time after that you wont get the cold or you will decrease the chances of you getting sick

  15. Cakes Decorating Lovers says

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  16. hinata - kun says

    Brad leone is shaking and quaking right now

  17. LadyJ2389 says

    Some of y'all are annoying. Everything is a damn nitpick. It's a preventive measure than anything else. I'd say freeze it if you really want to save it for a cold. Most natural tonics don't taste good, that's the point. They put only a little in a cup to go with whatever you're drinking hence the tea. Don't like it don't make it, simple. So quick to shut down anything that's not easy 123.

  18. Dior Chéri says

    So I will skip the drugstore medicine and wait for this poison to kill me, the cold will kill me first. 😂😂😂😂. This video should be commented on OMKALEN🤣🤣🤣

  19. Pip Girl says

    My cold be like "listen bitch I'm outta here get this shit away from me"

  20. candycaines says

    This tonic sort of reminds me of 4 Thieves vinegar

  21. TheLizzifer says

    I was considering it… until I saw the onion. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooope.

  22. Joe Kirkpatrick says

    Stay away from oranges 🍊 Or any orange flavored anything if you have any kind of herpes infection. It causes breakouts 100%

  23. Road to the Homestead says

    I love a good natural recipe to kick a cold but this looks nasty 🤢😷

  24. Tenille Bridgenath says

    Yuck! But I sure hope it works! 😳

  25. ThaRealCoyote says

    Tf is wrong with yall

  26. Tiffany Mikkelson says

    I got over a cold really quick by drinking flidis and sleeping. No special tonic needed.

  27. 냠냠보이 YumYumBoy says

    So delicious food

  28. givememore4free says


  29. Rey Kenobi says

    Did a Rachel -type situation occur with that first recipe?!

  30. Alexis Adams says

    And here my mom would just feed (force) my to eat garlic when i was sick as a child. Thanks mom

  31. sherry a says


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