How To Make 3 Fancy and Easy New Year's Eve Appetizers • Tasty

How To Make 3 Fancy and Easy New Year's Eve Appetizers • Tasty
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  1. Jay Jay says

    Like for the worlds biggest candy bar 👍🏻

  2. MyRateau says

    Bonjour tout le monde ! Si ça vous intéresse vous pouvez aller regarder cette chaîne YouTube de cuisine ! Des recettes super simples a réaliser

  3. Money Crafter says

    If u want views don’t post it in the night

  4. Solivagant Girl says


  5. Elio Sun says

    Wow its already 4 hours and its still 21 comments?

  6. Eye Gamer says

    Make the biggest pancake

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  8. the random turkey says

    On season 1 episode 10 of Gotham on Netflix at around 16 minutes left Jim Gordon gets his butt kicked

  9. Purple Cloud says

    Nice music


    Yummy! Who wants to try these appetizers?

  11. c l zh says

    i thought this is Rie’s another Fancy food videos, guess it’s not hahaha

  12. Jimi Kissa says


  13. Blaney Branham says

    Please do more 3 corse meal with an unusual alpines!!!!

  14. piggon X says

    I'm bored so abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

  15. Space Husk says

    Now this is what i call Savoury

  16. Z X says

    This bgm motivates me to cook.

  17. Randy Adams says

    Vegetarian Parmesan Cheese? I thought Parmesan Cheese was already vegetarian.

  18. xoxo, aleyna. says

    cats with hats

  19. Sarah Limb says

    Good morning everyone hope u r having a nice day. 😊

  20. Quynh Nhi Nguyen Pham says

    Good morning hope you have a great day

  21. Beautylicious Xx says

    it’s currently 2:05 am in scotland and i’m watching tasty videos 🤣

  22. Beautylicious Xx says


  23. Isaac Hermosillo says


  24. Watermelon655 Gaming says


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