How To Make 5 Recipes For Your Next Taco Tuesday • Tasty

How To Make 5 Recipes For Your Next Taco Tuesday • Tasty
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  1. Bianca Vanessa says

    Y’all don’t sleep on those crispy potato tacos. Those are hella bomb 👌🏼

  2. Manya Wadhwa says

    Can we have Some vegetarian recipes for spaghetti ?

  3. articanime _wolf says

    I had same dish but with chicken

  4. Genevieve says

    I don't eat tacos. I'm not a Mexican. That would be Cultural Obesity Appropriation. Thank You, Next.

  5. B Mire says

    Taco-spaghetti (minus the cheese) and the last one I’ll try.

  6. Ola Lawal says

    Did u see the ad

  7. Jose Galindo says

    My ancestors are rolling in the mf grave.

  8. Susmita Nasrin says

    Ok so this is for leBron james

    Taco tuesday……………….

    Btw happy birthday king james.

  9. Raymond OSUNA says

    Please stop doing this!!! Really!!! Don’t call these taco!!! It’s disgraceful!!!!!!! The thing is that your showing people these things and people that have never had a real taco think this is the way it’s supposed to be. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. You look at the tortillas you already know. It’s sad because I love these videos from tasty but u guys miss the mark so hard in Mexican food. Really spaghetti?!!! Couldn’t spend time to find fideo? Anyway this u don’t put in a taco and stop making people think it’s ok to do so.

  10. Avi Desai says

    0:39 anyone sees some kids arms?

  11. Finite Tuning says

    Look, listen, this is straight up too fast!

  12. Marcos Galarza says

    The mexican in me screams everytime I see tasty post a video of "tacos" and immediately starts off the video with ground beef..smh

  13. Cherry Angel says

    Try golden potatoes for the potato tacos. They make a better mash than Russets.



  15. Beautiful Surprise says

    I kinda feel like the taco cups should have been made with corn tortillas to mimic actual crispy tacos, no?

  16. JimH says

    The amount of sins in these videos tho

  17. Romina Gomez Hernandez says

    I will be shouting out my next 50 subs so subscribe if u want a shoutout

  18. gerardo reyes says

    The spaghetti one is disgusting thats not even mexican. Its like if i make italian dumplings or some bullshit like that

  19. Victoria Michel says

    Is anyone else not even watching the video and scrolling through the comments?

  20. Sunil Narine says

    I like your recipes so much and got Tasty's 2018 Recipe book off Amazon( ), can you guys advise if you have a 2019 recipe book?

  21. who is u says

    Can you chicken its my favorite food. 😁

  22. Herlinah Aqsha says

    I always watch tasty videos,but I never made it.😅😆

  23. bolieve 1310017 says

    Taco= needs a shell…

  24. Sara R says

    Really wish you guys would list your recipes in the comments as a pinned comment or at the bottom of the description. I like some of your videos, but I’m handicapped and can’t write fast enough to get all the instructions. I know I’ve made more than one recipe incorrectly because things go way too fast.

    I went to art school before I had such severe neuropathies and several other numerological diseases. When editing video for 3D animation, the professor always said to make sure if you have subtitles, the slowest people can read them.

    Perhaps slow it down like your grandma is reading these so that everyone can enjoy the recipes. If I were to guess, it’s a 2 second pause between ingredients/instructions on cooking videos. Increase it to 5 and maybe add more ads in order to help balance your revenue.

    I, personally was supposed to go into this line of work (3D animation, graphic design and really any kind of film editing) before becoming disabled over 18 years ago and not being able to finish school. It kills me to watch these videos and not want to say, hey, slow down! I’ve been watching your channel for a long time and I’m hoping someone from @tastey sees this critique that I mean to help. I learned a long time ago that only with our failures and mistakes do we move forward. Not saying the video is a failure, but it could be so much better!!

  25. Thomas From Qc says

    Who wants to go to tacobell with me?

  26. Wasiq Rao says

    Help me to reached 200 subs

  27. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    Look beautiful every step! Absolutely delicious!

  28. Cheryl R Leigh says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE tacos al pastor; will definitely be doing this!

  29. roguesirena says

    Those potato tacos must be served with raw shredded cabbage and limes. I’m offended.

  30. Martabak Mini S2 says

    Menu spesial untuk akhir tahun

  31. BadgerBills says

    Everything was going well until a mf started putting spaghetti into the taco meat. Now I’m shook

  32. joe mama says

    Those pork tacos look amazing

  33. Vivian Huang says

    You should do a team I draw you cook video


    Ground beef in the second one looks like maggots

  35. Pravin Leninrajah says

    Who watches these videos but never make these Tasty food 😂 lol

  36. Cakes Decorating Lovers says

    best video

  37. Julia Hamilton says

    Delicious recipes!🤓👌

  38. Latish Rolle says

    Looks so delicious my mouth watered it making me hungry

  39. Davontae Wells says

    Taco night

  40. Ashley Cook says

    I got some tasty knifes for Christmas and I cut up some carrots and the handle turned a diffrent color I was really upset

  41. Kns HTC phone says

    For the last taco tuesday of the year

  42. Tony Adventures says

    Delicious! 😋

  43. BlackpinkBlinku Once says


  44. mark says

    I thought they were gonna pull out the spaghetti tacos for the first one

  45. fer lz says


  46. d s says

    "Mexican style pork tacos" 😭 its al pastor

  47. professor xavier78 says

    Tasty: (breaks spaghetti)
    Every itailian: my spider sense is starting to tingle.

  48. aleng 0q says

    I don't know why after I watched this my heart became happier

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