How To Make A Beautiful Crunchy Cereal Holiday Wreath • Tasty

How To Make A Beautiful Crunchy Cereal Holiday Wreath • Tasty
This edible crispy rice cereal wreath with marshmallow topping is an absolute joy to make with your loved ones. Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  2. amal zuhair says

    I’m going to be honest, this seems like a waste of time.

  3. Evilkitty64 says

    YES! Just what we, Americans need, more excessive sugar 🙄 Thanks, Happy holidays

  4. Sarah Barragan says

    I would have mixed in the red/green/white M&Ms into it

  5. 곰도리 says

    혈관 살살 막힌다….

  6. LangTV says

    Making love it! Good!

  7. Dae B. says

    Are…..are those red hots? 😐

  8. Simple Perrydise life! says

    Love it!!

  9. Aryan Nijjar says

    Too much sugar sorry

  10. Jennifer Martinez says

    I'm gonna need a video on how to remove marshmallow fluff out of my spatulas, bowls, hair ect.

  11. DC Young Fly YNWY says


  12. DC Young Fly YNWY says

    if I see this that give me a warm Feeling I really love X-Mas Already Merry Christmas you guy's and enjoy it xxx ❤❤❤❤

  13. Donald John says

    Sorry, that looks disgusting.

  14. EC Cooking says

    Looks sweet!

  15. Patrick Knowlton says


  16. NC Channel says


  17. DESTRAKON says

    Little metroid wreaths 2:43

  18. Hassna Assekour says
    Pain caike au semoul yummyyy

  19. Ase Villarreal says

    How many People don't Like marshmellows, Not including Me.

  20. Bento Box Swirl says

    Yoga moms say that's too much food coloring

  21. Picture Queen says

    When my older son was a baby I tried making the wreaths with the cornflakes & let's just say I had Grinch hands for awhile lol. (I didn't have any plastic gloves to wear lol) It was pretty funny because my son was around a yr & a half & he just kept looking at my hands lol

  22. Chloé says

    Marshmallow is only sugar.
    So it's how to make a sugary Crunchy Sugar Holiday Wreath with few cereals. x)

  23. Zzz z says

    Totally gonna try this. Thank you! 🙂

  24. It's fae says

    Normal people: what's the difference between salted and unsalted butter???

  25. Lucy Morgan EQ says

    So the American+Christmas version of UKs chocolate +Rice Krispies or cornflakes cupcakes?!

  26. Laura Alejandra says

    I choked on my apple at the music change at 1:52 😂

  27. enter name here says


  28. #yaoi4life says

    I bet to achieve that green color you can use matcha and get good flavor if you don't want to use food coloring

  29. Kimberly Benson says

    When I was growing ☝ we used corn flakes and red hots

  30. Toi's World says

    Hi Beautiful,
    God Bless You. 💙

  31. Nurii Lol says

    I'd probably try this but without the food colouring and with less sugar

  32. Luminary Stud Rider says

    So basically Christmas Rice Crispy Bars. Alright I'll try it seems good to eat.

  33. nisanda tharu says

    this cake looks like grinch😂😂

  34. I’m already Sans Undertale says

    Cumfight 2

  35. s s says

    Tasty should open a restaurant

  36. Katherine says

    Wow, amazing! Have you ever cooked the marshmallow? 😮😮😮

  37. Steve Logan says

    I like appx. 70 % of your recipes, but this is goofy

  38. Dilk_jr Channel says

    Happy holidays🌲🌲

  39. Nicki Ketvertis says

    Rice Crispies.. Not corn flakes

  40. Katie Lynskey says

    Looked so tasty 😋

  41. Anna L. says

    Is this supposed to be tasty lol?

  42. MrBeast says

    Who loves tasty?

               WITH NOTIS ON💫

  43. Simple Recipes says

    0:02 that looks like a guacamole

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