How To Make A Chili Dip Bread Bowl Recipe By Alvin • Tasty

How To Make A Chili Dip Bread Bowl Recipe By Alvin • Tasty
Have your dip and eat the bowl too! Learn how to make Alvi’s chili dip bread bowl for a delicious meal! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Minahil Zahid says

    Alvin looks like zach choi

  2. Danny Purisima says

    Alvin: I dip, you dip, we all can dip

    My “friends”: Dipped

  3. Sebastian says

    Hi Alvin!!!!!!

  4. Modest Mind25 says

    So he got a can of chili and just added cream.cheese? That's the whole recipe?

  5. songbirdsxlambies says

    Alvin is literally the cutest, I think I’m in love. 😍

  6. The Hyperplane says

    He looks like the boot leg version of James Charles

  7. The Cook says


  8. King Ace says

    2:17 yoda noise

  9. Nylak Otter says

    Never thought to dip veggies in chili dip, for some reason. Sounds good.

  10. Ashley Sams says

    Wont somethings overcook since everything doesnt have the same cook time with the multi dessert dish

  11. Ten Ways To Wear It says

    I love all your videos and the story behind the dip was cool.

  12. alexthegreat88 says


  13. swadlol says

    Step 1. Buy a bunch of processed ingredients from the grocery store.

  14. Joe Dany says

    Who else thought he made a giant dip

  15. FarewelI says

    Alvin should teach us how to make Jian Bing

  16. Sindell Gonzalez says

    Alvin is soo popping today. . . trending! 😄

  17. Mr. Presente says

    I'm here for Alvin every Saturday.

  18. Carlie Morgan says

    Youre excited to try it? This is supposed to be your recipe.. you know what it tastes like.

  19. ight imma head out again says

    Alvin and the chipmunks

  20. King Squirrel says

    Just don't double dip you nasty bastards.

  21. Jen Klen says

    I love Alvin, but I hate these vertical videos they’re SO ANNOYING!! 😩

  22. Aries G. Raymundo says

    That pantry dish was already done 3 years ago.

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