How To Make An Easy Sheet Pan Greek Pita Pocket • Tasty

How To Make An Easy Sheet Pan Greek Pita Pocket • Tasty
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  1. William Wood says

    How is anyone supposed to learn these if we are multi tasking,

  2. zohar bartov says

    I’m from Israel and i eat pita all of the time as a side dish and it’s nice to see other things to do with it

  3. Atalanta Lennareon says

    Tasty be thinking I'mma have some extra pita bread left after this tasty af recipe they showed me😥

  4. This Is Game says

    *How to make an easy sheet *


    When this dish is so tasty looking your slapping your mind to go to gather the ingredients

  6. Panagiotis Athanasopoulos says

    thats not gonna taste good… 🙁

  7. aris aris says

    I am from Greece

  8. Δεν φτιάχνετε έτσι το πιτογυρο γαμω

  9. Village P. says

    Σαν το ελληνικό όμως σαντουτσ δεν έχει ότι και να κάνεις….

  10. Madcos Solutions says

    Who would eat that every day?

  11. PeachBug says

    me and my sleep paralysis demon binge watching tasty at 2 am

  12. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    Now I know how to make this

  13. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    Fantastic food!

  14. Jack Jones says

    1:20 When I'm in a hurry, I just warm the pitas in my armpit. #MasterChefTip

  15. Niki - Nefeli P says

    Ok so I usually LOVE tasty recipes but I am from Greece and if you served that to a greek person they would think its from another country

  16. JonO387 says

    Where's the pita recipe? I thought this was about making pita.

  17. Gurll says

    Honestly, Greek food is the best… 😍

  18. Orfeas Tservanakou says

    Ρε γιατί να κάνουν αυτή την αμαρτία και να βάλουν κοτόπουλο αντί για γύρο??

  19. Tomasz Rojek says

    It must be kosher salt. If salt isn't kosher whole dish tastes like sh*t.

  20. Meko Wedajo says

    Finally early

  21. Afifa Aziz says

    So juicy. That pita role.
    We have a similar dish which we call "Shawarma".
    With very spicy chicken, cucumber salad and use mayonnaise as a sauce.
    I will also try this one. 💜

  22. ευαα βδ says

    It doesn't look like this "greek pita" with the original greek pita in Greece..I'm from Greece and i know how it is…

  23. Kwstas Lofos says

    For the sause here in Greece we use something called tzatziki its made out of greek yogurt garlic vinegar oil cucumber and salt its a little spicy but its so yammy also we tend to use pork in pita (souvlaki/pitogyro) but chicken is also good

  24. Deepanjan Sapcotta says

    Salt and pepper? SMH

  25. Quantica V1 says

    IOve CNN

  26. Chop Happy says

    That looks so yummy! I love cooking greek recipes just like this on my channel!

  27. Galaxy Orbit says



    Guys please subscribe to my channel 🌹🌷


    That looks amazing 👍🏻🌹

  30. DonPandemoniac says

    Chicken pita salad? Could use some feta, but nice!
    Tempted to try the slicing a bunch of tomatoes between two plates trick.

  31. BLACKHEARTBOY jm says

    Πιτογυρο το λεμε μη γαμισω

  32. Themos M. says

    For some reason this didn't show up in my subscription feed…

  33. dammy kale says

    Looks good😋

  34. Ellie's Tube says

    I eat pita often, because I'm Greek!🥙😋😁

  35. Carole Lamb says

    This looks soooo good

  36. GachaQueen_ 4Life says

    This was so helpful Thank you for the good recipes

  37. Paige Marshall says

    I want some of that

  38. Olivia Nolan says

    Wow 🤩

  39. Talented Tape says
  40. Britany Escobedo says

    They look so good I iant ganna lie

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