How To Make Hibiscus Smoothie Bowls • Tasty

How To Make Hibiscus Smoothie Bowls • Tasty
Elevate your smoothie game with Pure Leaf Hibiscus Iced Tea to make the prettiest and Tasty-est smoothie bowl you’ve ever seen!

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  1. Junn says

    In Hawaii I can find the coconuts hibiscus and mangos outside in my backyard lol

  2. Azra Ghaffar says

    Is that halal????

  3. Roza Case says

    Pure leaf tea is known to have mold in the unopened bottles.

  4. Piepachu says

    I think I saw something like this already on another channel

  5. Danielle Keses says

    Hmmm….I think not!

  6. semi says

    I always think your vids are HowToBasic videos when I see the title at first glance.

  7. juliana Clark says

    What is the name of the song I love it

  8. itsFortuneApple says

    btw hibiscus tastes like medicine

  9. vanna kinder says

    You're supposed to state that it is sponsored in the description as well.

  10. SpotellisEdits says

    unknown oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

  11. zanzy654 says

    All the tea flavors sound amazing! They're probably really bad for you though… most of the bottles teas have a ridiculous amount of sugar in them. Hopefully these are an exception though cause they might become one of my new favorite things

  12. Eddie Martinez says

    or you could just put it in a glass like a normal fucking him being

  13. Beddy Tear says

    why did you blend, freeze, blend again ..

  14. unicon lover says

    hi soooo yumm love u llike

  15. Sketchy Skies says

    The title said unknown? Aw, l wished I was here for that.

  16. Jake Terrell says

    This doesn't look healthy AT ALL. Sugary, fruity blob is what I call it.

  17. syed yousef says


  18. Kozickih says

    I love the tea but I want to eat my food not drink it.

  19. Jeanette Martinez says

    This takes 6 hours to make?? Nah i'm good without that freezing step

  20. Hieubert says

    I’m pissed I just watched this video

  21. Family Friendly Cooking says

    Perfect breakfast.

  22. briannant says

    That looks so yummy. Has anyone tried it? -B

  23. Jovan Rap says

    Made one of SnSouma recipe

  24. Wadaha Mohamed says

    I need more hibiscus recipes.

  25. Trippy Andrew says

    Oh yeah yeah


  26. Graham Jonathan says

    My mates fruit and vegetable business has gone into liquidation.

    He now sells smoothies.

  27. Nhung vido Xam says

    unknown > Hibiscus Smoothie Bowls

  28. Theodore Ow says


  29. Adriano Condorelli says

    Stop it with the ads tasty! UNSUBSCRIBED

  30. 김대흉Otakazi says

    Happy Valentine's girls 😉

  31. aoibhealfae says

    ummm. … do they even use the right edible hibiscus variety (which is roselle). Hibiscus flowers are toxic you know.

  32. izaboo bella says

    I picked one of these up at walmart today. They are addicting. They also have cherry hibiscus.

  33. Matilda Härviden says

    Hi random person scrolling through the comments! I hope you have a wonderful day and I just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful! 💖 It would make my day if you could check out my youtube channel and maybe subscribe because my biggest dream in life is to make a difference in this world, even if that sounds super cliché haha. But yeah, thanks<33

  34. Dayvideo says


  35. Pure leaf tea is gross I've wasted like $4 a month on it

  36. Kitchen's Stuff says

    unknow food, unknow taste.. thanks

  37. Awez says

    Very testy

  38. Hasinaz Ahmad says

    he was buying celery, i was buying rosè

  39. Poonam smart kitchen says

    Very nice 👌

  40. Saif Tutorials says

    " Unknown "

    Also Cooking Channel.!!

  41. Melany U!!! says

    😭🤣just went to go by the tea before this came out oml, I couldn’t find it

  42. cutelatinagirl says

    I haven't seen the peach or cherry hibiscus yet, but I had the mango hibiscus yesterday and OMG it's so good. Gonna have to try this smoothie out now.

  43. Cindy Lim says

    to the late viewers who are just confused with the "unknown" references, the video was previously and literally named 'unknown'. Captain Historian flying out, *woooopsh*.

  44. rhijulbec1 says

    This should play for 5 seconds, while I wait anxiously, hand at the ready, to smash the "skip ad" icon!
    Walmart isn't rich enough. They have to make ad videos to make money, the poor bastards. Such bullshit.

  45. Joe Gerrie says

    if a white girl was food

  46. シ s i e n n a says

    rip title we never knew you

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