How To Make Inga's Apple Tart • Tasty

How To Make Inga's Apple Tart • Tasty
Looking for an easy show-stopping dessert for the holidays? Try Inga’s apple tart! Inga is well known around BuzzFeed but is now officially a Tasty Creator!

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  1. Nithya Kailad says

    Anyone else get an Apple ad before this?

  2. Asad Rafi says

    I'm here because of Inga

  3. L music says

    I love Inga so much 💜💜

  4. Luciano L da Silva says

    Inga is beatiful and blissfull.

  5. Apple apps iOS Más apps says

    I love 😍 tarts I love apple pie mmmm 🤤🤤🤤

  6. Harriet in the kitchen says


  7. Nina G says

    Even though I love Christmas, I can't stand cinnamon. Which is not good, because most Christmas recipes are with cinnamon

  8. Nasneen Althaf says

    I love it

  9. Bryan Guegan says

    Kinda looks undercooked though …

  10. عالم مرمر says

    Please support my channel, and I am here to support the channels. Thank you. Leave a comment and I will follow you☺☺☺😌

  11. Cookin' Yaya says

    I don’t love too much apple tart…but this one seems very delicious 😋

  12. Azehan Azli says

    inga is the best

  13. Margarete Martins says

    Deveria ter tradução em português ou legenda

  14. iiCrybxbyii MSP says

    So I tried this with a tasty video when it was a pie and the apples werent bendy

  15. blur72434 says

    Gonna save this video up for future reference

  16. Tomtom La says

    This looks so heavenly…cant wait to try and make it

  17. mr perfect says

    Diabetes loading…10%

  18. AngelTime Sweet says

    Thank You Sweet)Amazing)💖

  19. Zeratul says

    Inga is so f-cking hot

  20. Nelson You says

    Yo i think Akanegakubo made it better

  21. Ishu pal says

    Subscribed my channel also friends

  22. Pseudonymous Anonymous says

    this reminds me of Rie's rose apple pie, it looks just like the pie!

  23. Randy Le says

    Keeper BRO

  24. Rozan Karki says

    LjkkkkkkkkiqiiiiaJjwoekllpppoi8jjkknnufeojnrkrojdjdkodjeojggjrtaAaaannllnbhnnl mkoolhp
    Nbb nnbbjklkjklll

  25. Senpai Loli says

    Food wars?

  26. Toledo Tourbillion says

    This video has a FMA brotherhood feel to it. Props to the music selection. 😄

  27. musical mashup says

    It's not Inga's apple tart
    It's Apple's tart😂😂

    I love her voice 😍

  28. jonathan martinez says

    she is beautiful

  29. Saraphina Bay says

    Looks good 🤩‼️

  30. ʚ jade ɞ says


  31. Brooke Cain says

    Can you make this without the crust? I'm sorry to ask but I can't have gluten or dairy. Also really can't afford gluten free options as they aren't readily available for me.

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