How To Make Kabocha Flan • Tasty

How To Make Kabocha Flan • Tasty
Learn how to make this deliciously simple kabocha flan! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. Zee Life-style says kindly like my video and Subscribe to my channel for more recipes and videos

  2. YEE YEE JUICE says

    Ive never had this and im american so what part of America is this im curious honestly it looks good but the ingredients are a bit off putting

  3. Selene says

    this is a lot of sugar

  4. lil gamergirl says

    Can i come over for thanksgiving… i promise i wont eat all the food

  5. DoopDopery says

    How about instead of squash maybe pumpkins would add a more thanksgiving touch

  6. KaJeSa Productions says

    Anyone else think the milk looked like cream and the cream looked like milk?

  7. Und 00 says

    Its 3am, but i love food art…

  8. Fumi Imy says

    What is hindi words

  9. stupidalice says

    VIDEO: Kabucha flan

    FILIPINOS: oMg It'S lEcHe FlAn SmH!

    No one cares. A dessert is a dessert, the same dessert. Some things are called differently in different countries, deal with it.

  10. Sophie Toon says


  11. Zorro Dog Studios says

    Tf is a flan?

  12. Emily Flindall says

    I have to try this.

  13. XyxeroYT says

    Leche flan na may halong squash lng yan 😂

  14. Kaylyn Nelson says

    Last night I watched the Friends episode where Monica made Rachel a flan for her surprise birthday 😂😂😂

  15. chef deepak says

    Nice recipe

  16. Khaled Abdulazim says

    Can I substitute Kabocha for Pumpkin?

  17. Fernando Yanmar says

    Is it some kind of pumpkin?

  18. Anselma Kartini says

    You typoed Kabocha to Kobocha at the beginning

  19. Fluxeon says

    Make a video about food traditions in Holland, there's a lot of cool stuff there!

  20. Bunny_ Button says

    Leche Flan? 🇵🇭

  21. Deadlicious says

    I don't know what to feel about this coz I never had kabocha. The 2nd one looks good tho.

  22. Mohammed Irfan says

    Isn't this Carmelle ???

  23. Valen Asael Bonifacio says

    That is a filipino dish called leche flan???
    Me confusion

  24. RedSpiderLily says

    I'm used to leche flan (leche is milk )

  25. FOODOT 푸닷 says

    Oh ~~ it makes me hungry again^^

  26. Guild Master says

    Do the Leché Flan

  27. Cicada studio says

    Hey u should set this video to "made for kids " videos because this food is sweet…children love to eat sweet food…better do it or u will get $40000 fine per video that is appeal to children due to the new coppa law and ftc …..

  28. sakura miyazaki says

    Bet Rie made this kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) flan 🙌

  29. R2c6d0 ! says

    That’s wired 😧

  30. theMoporter says

    …Kabocha is literally just the Japanese word for pumpkin

  31. AWM Master[so2] says

    Make pistachio cookie also😙😙

  32. AWM Master[so2] says

    Thnx for listening to me

  33. CatManDude says

    ngl I read that as "kombucha flan" and thought that was just a scoby on a plate

  34. Pixel_Geist says

    How To Make Kabocha Flan Tasty?
    Put some CBD on it

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