How To Make Meatless Burritos With Tofu And Cauliflower • Tasty

How To Make Meatless Burritos With Tofu And Cauliflower • Tasty
Learn how to make these meatless burritos with tofu and cauliflower! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: Subscribe to …

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  1. taggert Rose says

    I made the tofu burrito and it was FIRE. The scarmble is delicious, highly recommend. I would go a little easy on the spice portions tho

  2. Rubii Brandark says

    Low carb playlist. Uses tortillas and potatoes.

  3. YaBoiiiHarry says

    why is this in the low carb playlist?

  4. Yashmitha says

    These are cute and I would love to try them but beans are the super easy way to go

  5. Chao Lingshen says

    Vegan shredded cheese is gross. Any other non dairy alternative?

  6. BillHicks420 says

    "How To Make Meatless…" See, you already messed up the recipe.

  7. Caleb Rabion says

    Let's not, and say we did LOL!!! Cool video though.

  8. Kimathi Washington says

    If a friend gives me a burrito and I bite into white broccoli and walnuts, we're fighting 😂

  9. KJV1611. co says

    That is not a burrito. It is a lie.

  10. tree of life says

    They look absolutely delicious but would take me 3 hours each to prepare 🙁

  11. Vijaya Foods says

    Super recipe 👏👏😊😊👍👍😊

  12. Lizbeth says


  13. TW. Leona says

    I am watching this during my piano lesson break and Imma like, can I have an early leave, I need to get a burrito and the teacher is like 'wut?'

  14. Liorah Goldsmith says

    2:19 That one piece of spinach made me not necessarily irked, but definitely irked adjacent

  15. Acid Wolf says

    Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable?🤔

  16. Sasha Cutie says

    these burrito wrapping skills are terrifying…

  17. Adriane Miller says

    I could kinda understand cauliflower replacing rice or potatoes, cuz its like less carbs or starches or whatever so its healthier, but how is cauliflower a viable meat alternative???? wheres the protein???????? i guess that's why you would add the walnuts, but i dunno. it doesnt really make sense to me how that works. its a creative idea tho, maybe i'll give it a try. (im more biased towards the tofu one tho. i know i love a good tofu)

  18. erdaltv says

    can you add chicken or beef to this?

  19. Its Memee says

    More vegan recipeeeeeees

  20. Nicole N.N says

    No meat no tasty

  21. Lebogang Sekwati says

    Liked the video before watching. Please don't ever stop making vegan foid videos. Thank you so much

  22. First Red says

    Finally something for me.. I'm vegetarian..
    Thanks tasty.. 🙂

  23. mrTabascohot says

    Meatless burritos would be a great lesbian porn title.

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