How To Make Pork and Chicken Hallacas As Made By Jorge Rincon

How To Make Pork and Chicken Hallacas As Made By Jorge Rincon
Have you ever received a delicious New Year’s Eve present wrapped in plantain leaves? These hallacas caraqueñas are a traditionally served on Christmas …

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  1. T L says

    Is this a joke?
    Venezuelans are starving to death under failed socialism.

    Fuck You fake YT algorithm.

  2. Kristen Walters says

    For some reason I keep hearing “a jackass”.

  3. MyRateau says

    Bonjour tout le monde ! Si ça vous intéresse vous pouvez aller regarder cette chaîne YouTube de cuisine ! Des recettes super simples a réaliser

  4. Marianna Sc says

    Those are Tamales for me here in Costa Rica!

  5. Mélissa Touba says

    May God bless Venezuela and help them 🙏

  6. 3paynes says


  7. jokesta1989 says

    in the dominican republic its called pasteles en hojas same packaging but different ingredients

  8. Live Vibes says

    How to make pork and chicken WHAT?!?!

  9. Mr.A says

    I hate any stew that has tomatoes

  10. Daniela Serodio says

    Hallacasssssssss 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪

  11. David Alicea says

    Im Puerto Rican an this are called pasteles but here we first use a white normal paper then put la hoja the guineo then put the mixture like platanos or yuca and the meat, we put ketchup with it

  12. Dan x says

    All i hear is 'jackass' instead of hallacas

  13. Rayo Music says

    Dominio total del mundo!!!

  14. Alexandre Jean-Pierre says


  15. Rogemia Sambo says

    Yeeeeh wachting from curaçao! I love Ajaka's

  16. Poonam smart kitchen says


  17. ELMOSOPRANO says


  18. Toaneo07 says

    And in colombia too,

  19. X2BProds says

    Instead of alcohol take a shot of water every time he says Hellacas

  20. malemex2002 says

    Tamales. Pasteles etc. We all have a version of this

  21. Loveroiu_bella says


  22. MyEvilLaugh says

    Looks like a tamale, crossed with a pastele.

  23. violette says

    They look like mexican tamales

  24. Jonathan Liston says
  25. jammin6816 says

    And so…where’s the recipe? 🤔

  26. Rainel Castillo says

    FINALLY!!!! 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪

  27. Kevin Jason says

    These are called Pastelles

  28. Amisha Chhaterpaul says

    Count how many times he said “ hallacas” 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

  29. recoil53 says

    This would have made a good series, like they did for Asians and others – have people make their Christmas recipes.
    When Jorge was filling the Hallacas, it looked like a tostada.

  30. Der Krazy Kraut says

    "But Jackass from Venezuela are different"

  31. Mario Pineda says

    People call them different name and they use different Ingredients but they are originally from messoamerica, Mexico and Guatemala, dating 100 BC and its depicted on a Mayan drawing in San Bartolo, Peten Guatemala.

  32. Cook with Sha says

    Looks so healthy 👌👌👌

  33. Cristina says

    Give meeeee

  34. Tamales oaxaqueños

  35. Chris Turner says

    As a Child of a big Venezuelan family this rly hit home with me bc this reminds me of every Christmas where my family got together and all made hallacas and all we ate for the next weeks was hallacas

  36. Angelica Tenias says

    My grandma makes the best hallacas hahahaha is amazing to see Venezuela culture in a tasty video

  37. Yanira Perez says

    En Puerto Rico hacemos pasteles parecidos

  38. Hildriana Guevara says

    A video about hallacas under 4 minutes 🤔🤣🤣🤣 💛💙❤️

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