How To Make The Perfect Fall Ratatouille • Tasty

How To Make The Perfect Fall Ratatouille • Tasty
Use all the seasonal vegetables to make this mesmerizing ratatouille! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. Ling Ling says

    r a t

  2. Olga Geagea says


  3. Kitty Shpgina says

    The cooking lovely

  4. Jan Verschueren says

    You Americans have have got to get something through your heads: named dishes inply certain ingredients and cooking techniques. They are not an umbrella name for something which vaguely looks like them.

    Ratatouille is made with zucchini, tomato and eggplant and "a béarnaise" is not a melted butter mayonnaise with herbes de provence in it (not this video). Accept the fact you can't appropriate named dishes because something you concocted somehow reminds you of said dish.

  5. MAYDAY says

    what music in this vid?

  6. Knox says

    I don't like food. I LOVE food. If I don't love it, I won't swallow.

  7. Yellow Queen says

    Ratatouille is garbage food

  8. Buchanan Winchester says

    I came for ratatouille and somehow it became a vegan cookie video? Wtf

  9. clarkevander says

    Ratatouille? You must be joking.

  10. Steph R. says

    Is there a place where I can find a Spanish translation of this recipe?

  11. bLoOo says

    Am I the only one that didn’t know ratatouille is a dish and just thought it was the name of the rat 😭😭

  12. King Xay says

    What was that first blue tool that he used

  13. Haley Faragalli says

    If I don't love it I don't swallow

  14. Tommy BRO says

    Instructions unclear: I cooked a rat.

  15. Jeremy C Barnhart says

    I almost cant keep watching when I see they left so much in the bowl when they scrape into the pans.
    Drives me up the wall. Lol

  16. Monique Mosley says

    02:00 – Vegan chocolate chip cookies

  17. ThisLeilani Isn'tAFlower says

    Remy would be proud

  18. Archie Miller says

    Copying ChefSteps?!??

  19. xox Merelyn says

    I was just watching the movie ratatouille

  20. ZentiX says


  21. Mashed Potato says

    technically, that's a confit byaldi

  22. Honey_ Luv says

    Bring David Seymour over here right now.

  23. Random Person says

    And what is the difference between a VEGAN chocolate chip cookie and a normal one?

    Ah right, no animals were killed while making the vegan one…

  24. Catloven Games says

    Not enough talking rats 1/10

  25. Hadika Zannat Oishee says

    Well what is that non dairy milk made of?

  26. Thor says

    Your vegan chocolate chop cookie recipe is horrible btw

  27. Yep its Marcry says

    Wheres the rat I feel ripped off

  28. Jade C says

    Can’t believe Disney copied this video and made a whole movie about it smh

  29. Benjamin Liang says

    To be fair this is actually confit byaldi

  30. Melissa Nicola says

    Apples? Ah no go away with this white shit

  31. Ana Lewis says


  32. Ni Ai says

    Binging with Tasty lmao

  33. JaiMai JaM says

    Me: Watching Ratatouille as a kid
    (Flashback ends)
    Me: cri

  34. Samvidha Dadi says

    I’d throw up with so much veggies

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