How To Make The Tastiest Fruitcake • Tasty

How To Make The Tastiest Fruitcake • Tasty
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  1. mwrkhan says

    Why is it that Americans hate fruitcake? I absolutely love it.

  2. Nurabeahtul Adawiyah says

    I never microwave the dried fruit when making it. Why did you guys do it

  3. Peter Fabri says


  4. kenneth tong says


  5. Joujita queen says

    You need also to see this

  6. MrMarkymark005 says

    No. No. No. No. No. Nope. 🤢🤮

  7. Vantablack says

    can i replace the brandy with cider

  8. Chad Carson says

    Oho yesss

  9. Steve's Shed says

    There has never been a good fruit cake . Ever !

  10. Ursel Nolvik says

    If you like this then you should check out this dude. He´s my friend and started youtube channel inspired by tasty. Lets go over and make his day.

  11. Bob G says

    I might give this a shot, but without the chopped nuts, I think. Maybe replace the crystallized ginger with dried pineapple.

  12. Sneaky Bunny says

    Does anyone actually like fruitcake? It ruins both cake and fruit imo.

  13. Very delicious food

  14. Keto 3arabi says

    I feel it soooo hard and tough like old bread.. any body like me ?or only me 😰

  15. ПП еда says


  16. Abhi Arya says

    I know some of you like me are in the comments.
    You are like me if:
    You had never heard of fruit cake until this video

  17. Sharon Fullbuster says

    At first I thought this is HowToBasic video…..

  18. SaneeJ _ says


  19. Komal Kim Kevin says

    How the fuck does one get ones hands on Apple Brandy? Any alternatives? Or a home recipe to create your own Apple Brandy?

  20. Elsa Aita says

    Thanks Tasty, this is quite simple. Will try it out.

  21. Habiba Salahuddin says

    Can you substitute the Apple Brandy for Apple Juice if you're one of those people like me that don't cook with Alcohol?

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