How to Make Timpano with Rie

How to Make Timpano with Rie
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  1. Rie McClenny says

    Hi It’s Rie here 👋🏻 Hope you enjoyed watching 😊
    I will be making new videos on this channel very soon!
    Subscribe if you want to be notified when I launch my new channel 😄

  2. 太陽Harisu says

    david is shaking and s h o o k e t h

  3. Emma Slaughter says

    I love tasty

  4. Damien Romeo says

    Timpano AKA Italians birthday cake

  5. TiTi B. says

    I’m cool on this… all I could think about was the toilet watching this. It just look like something that will send you there. #excuseme #sorrynitsorry🤷🏽‍♀️
    Great video though…

  6. Iyhtz Lauralynn says

    Who's David??

  7. ePIc MemER says

    this is like cake except made for people that prefer savoury over sweet

  8. Helena Gomes says

    rie is my fave

  9. DMTHOTH says

    you mean timballo…

  10. Calherbie says

    Love that Babish shoutout!

  11. Golden Caliber says

    I also love binging with babish

  12. Pohloon Chow says

    i dont need cake anymore

  13. Simalema OW says

    Just one thing, this is NOT an Italian dish. Like no, trust me, born in Italy and never seen this thing

  14. Nitti Gritty says

    wow that looks like heaven on 420 lmaoo

  15. mallorygunz says


  16. Sharkkie 22 says

    Oh my goddddd why didn't see this before WTF??!?????!!!

  17. Leona Langsangan says

    Just a Question what if it recomendend 5 minutes then you don't cook it ? Lmao

  18. Sunny Lee says

    You Are AMAZING!!
    You Inspire me to love cooking ..

  19. AlumniArmy says

    this is looking so wrong but at the same time just amazing

  20. Le Florville says


  21. Jomz TEBE says

    thats the woman whom i want to taste HER COOKING😄😄

  22. QuirkErra says

    as much as i love rie, please dont

  23. CLoner -X says

    Tasty request: please make a series about Rie making food from movies or animation(make it if possible)like from
    Ratatouille,food wars,or the movie Rie was talking about…

  24. ch1oewang says

    this is a vegans worst nightmare

  25. Swirly Kalen says

    Rie, to answer your question: Mystery, Mystery Box, Surprise, Unknown, Secret. 💚

    I feel like you could use any of these words to describe your dish. It's not quite a "mystery box" but it's sort of like one in the sense where you don't know what's inside until you open it

  26. Mihika Samant says

    I really want to eat this

  27. Why am I here?

    I'm vegan

  28. kodili101 says

    Timpano looks like a sexy heart attack…

  29. Joshey Dubs says

    I'd love to see Rie and Babish meet. I'd like them to be friends.

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