How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse
Zombies have feelings too. Watch the series premiere of iZombie on Tuesday March 17th at 9/8c on The CW Hungry for more?

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  1. Juriel Rivas says

    I'm not a zombie

  2. Revolution is coming says

    You if it's from buzzfeed you shouldn't listen

  3. Bio Gamer says

    I wish this was the show

  4. xxlloydboyfox12xx gaming says


  5. Hello. says

    Well good thing there can only be a 1 or 2 zombies right?

  6. cheesecake 18 says

    I'm watching this during zombie apocalypse….

    Someday someone will comment this lmao

  7. Team Garwood says

    Ya me too

  8. zombieboyxyz says

    No they dont!!!! 😠

  9. Franklyn Soberano says

    I like being zombie😀

  10. Joachim Calimag says

    Is that true???

  11. Dragon flames says


  12. rebel greninja says

    HAH no zombies or enemies are ever getting to me i have my squad i have so many food i have so many weapons ain't bitin me now aye

  13. rebel greninja says

    I'm just sitting in my selfless bunker yea

  14. Llama Del Fid says

    Zombie:Hi,I'm a zombie,and if you're watching this then you are probably one too…

    Katy:Stumbling around like a wasted zombie!!

    Me:that was deep af…

  15. Wu Sangui says

    How to survive HOMEWORK (?)

  16. KikBakGamez says

    Am I the only one who doesn't want to watch these kind of videos but has to because if this apocalypse actually occurs, we need to make sure we are protected

  17. Lily Savage says

    Lol only for zombies

  18. Styling304 says

    But I'm not a zombie

  19. abigail says

    T h e w a l k i n g d e a d

  20. Chloe Sweetie says

    Why do we need a broom for killing a zombie (even a frying pan like in tangled :3)

  21. Frisk dreemurr says

    Just make-up ur self into a zombie dah and cover ur hands with BLOODS and now u are a zombie NOW =>

  22. PlugPlayz YT says


    2017: Look guys a zombie..Hahaha lets tweet on tweeter And upload a video to youtube where we kill it..

  23. arshad Ali says

    I am a vampire. Huh zombies

  24. Chinchilla 0 says

    If you go by Walking dead logic you would know that zombies go for live targets so the brain won't work

  25. Sir Vincent says

    I’m having second thoughts about just giving up when it’s the zombie apocalypse… nah fuk it ima do that anyways

  26. Megan Boller says

    I want to meet that girl zombie, She's cool.

  27. Cookie is the best says

    At night I am going to have nightmares OMG

  28. jagruti warik says

    i was using headphones and the start scared the s**t out of me

  29. Food is Mybae says

    I almost threw up 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  30. Elton Peñaloza says

    Eww i just eat a brain goat brain

  31. Tinabobina Wylie says

    I'm with the zombies!!!!! 😀

  32. Pepper Detongcom says

    Ur not a zombie ur a human, you talk like a human

  33. José Balenciaga says


  34. Nitheesh AG says

    Dying light

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