How We Deal With Change + Special Announcement • Ladylike

How We Deal With Change + Special Announcement • Ladylike
Let’s talk, ladies. Check out more awesome videos from Boldly! GET MORE BUZZFEED: …

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  1. Ladylike says

    Thanks so much for your love and support, make sure to subscribe to the new channel to get notifications when things go up 🙂 Also shout out to our ladies on Boldly who are slaying the game!

  2. Lily Turner says

    My dream job is to work at buzzfeed

  3. Aruna says

    Wow, just saw Safiya's video about Buzzfeed not allowing her to talk to fans on youtube and now Buzzfeed has decided to allow that when she leaves, so weird?

  4. Safiyna Nygarrd

  5. Айдан says

    follow the lord, the lord won't force you, but just know, the consequences of not doing so are not pleasant

  6. Айдан says

    dear women, become more like the lord Christ than a gender, know that he loves you! be faithfull and know god is loving. follow god everyday!

  7. Arianna Cortes says

    You guys should make slime!!🤗

  8. Lou :3 says

    hecc someone just let Jen sleep, she looks so tired ;^;

  9. Charity Goble says

    "What is making out?!?!?"😂😂😂

  10. Mikaela Olund says

    Thank u ladylike

  11. Leyna Venzke says

    Will you all please stop talking about Saf. If you like her so much just go watch her channel. Why are you idiots even here?

  12. Evalee Ray says

    Yeah I’m so excited hopefully saf will come back since one her biggest things is that she couldn’t communicate with us and I’ve been watching her utube channel and I love!

  13. Bixy Berry says

    JEN IS MY FAV :3

  14. Ashley Hitchcock says

    Mockup chlinv with food

  15. jonatas oliveira says

    You just talk are you going to do the video or what

  16. Izabella Siudowska says

    I wanna see them go sky diving together

  17. Jayla says

    I MISS SAF!!

  18. Tessa Gonzalez says

    Please do more videos with/about your periods because when you incorporate that i feel really good and empowered like you should when you get your period and you guys help me not to feel bad about it and in general be my own unique creative self! Love u guys!

  19. Lara _LM says

    Are u posting all us old buzzfeex bids for ladylike up on us channel

  20. emily Petkiewicz says

    Can u guys please do more like group bonding videos please

  21. Khamilla says

    How do I get a buzz feed intership

  22. Anni Iikkanen says

    pause at 0.29 and look at Jen. You're welcome

  23. MsPrettyinbabypink says

    So maybe less makeup and more practical life things like changing a tire.

  24. Coree Johnson says

    When the only ogs are Freddie and ch- idk how to spell her bame

  25. ThatGirlNamedJennie says

    is anyone gonna talk about the fact that we couldn't see Jen's whole shirt but I'm guessing/hoping it said "straight outta the closet"

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