How You Remember Your Ex Vs. Reality

How You Remember Your Ex Vs. Reality
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  1. Anonymous Girl says

    My gf acts like that guy lol

  2. Şüheda Altun says

    I need a friend like her.

  3. Shishira K Herle says


  4. Chirag Jayaraj says

    Irony here is most them watching the video never had an ex

  5. Herr NoName says

    How all the females in the comment selection think they are perfect and how bad the exes acted…..yeah….we toxic men are always the problem… broads

    You always find what you are searching for so maybe you are the problem and should worried about YOUR psychological condition…..bitches

  6. Nirupama J says

    0:22 why da faq are her eyes weird?

  7. Why Me, Why Not says

    Notice how boyfriEND and GirlfriEND end with END. Nuff said. Nothing lasts forever.

  8. Pía Thunder says

    But still I'll be meeting my ex tonight and ask him to get back together, because I'm what? Masochist!

  9. Alina ღ says

    My mind kinda flips back and forth between seeing the good and bad about my ex. Like he did have some good qualities, like he never ignored my texts and always came over when he had the chance. Took me out every week and stuff. We never fought . But he had plenty of flaws and that's what I'm trying to keep seeing. He hated my family, always criticized how I dressed and would try to change it, would complain about having to pick me up from my house, made me pay for many of the dinners and gas, I rarely got to see my friend and if I did choose to see her, he'd complain (yet I always let him see friends, even friends that were girls), and if I asked for us to do something fun he would come up with an excuse saying how sleepy he was or something. I'm trying to keep positive and keep myself thinking that the one who is best for me will come along soon.

  10. janaye martin says

    The accuracy 🤣

  11. Ro se says

    Well I dated my best friend and she was the ideal version in this video, not the reality one so sometimes your first love is that Perfect, I don't want to call her ex as we both still love each other and we're friends but we realized we're not mature enough to handle a relationship right now.

  12. Teshauna Johnson says

    Not relate able

  13. Ashley IceBlade says

    Hahhaha he didnt say he loved you

  14. Lost croissant says

    Ok but no ones gonna ask about Karen ?

  15. Alisha Bostan says

    Don’t look for happiness the same place you lost it👀

  16. Wack Mack says

    Who needs relationships when you have foo

  17. Relv says

    I met my ex yesterday and I just walk past him and all those memories comes back and i feel….

    thanks god he's my ex now

  18. Akshara Pandey says

    I have not seen my ex from 2 months and I don't remember how he looked like. I literally erased my memory

  19. anxietea says

    damn what did karen do

  20. Mel Grace Ergina says

    Why am I laughing so hard? Lol.

  21. Al Wa says

    I don’t think of mine i do however hope hes happy and enjoying life. For me im happy and don’t regret him or accept him. I just hes irrelevant..

    Also im in current relationship and where thought goes energy flows.

    There exes for a reason tbh. And my current bf is my only serious relationship i ever had. My ex i dated for fun in HS. So i think im lucky it took one wrong guy to get the right guy.

  22. Penelope Chow says

    Except for karen

  23. TMD4 says

    This video just shows that female best friends are snakes lol

  24. L M says


  25. MEL ISSA says


  26. eli beli says

    This has never been more accurate until now

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