HTC One M8 Dot View Case!

HTC One M8 Dot View Case!
The Dot view flip case for the New One M8! HTC One M8 Impressions: Dot View case: All of the cases’s …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. S S Ganesh B says

    Who came here after that fun fact in dope tech #2 0 (dual screen) video ?💕

  2. Francis Nacua says

    Came here from DopeTech #20 👌

  3. Pedro Freitas says

    the first video shot with the Red Camera… Proud on how far you've come!



  5. Brand X Reviews says

    I miss my old dot case. Was a nice touch.

  6. Ghazmir Mansur says

    Who here in 2019?

  7. Alex Regalado says

    I had that pebble watch!!

  8. Thomas Kinkade says

    I really like that. It's like a prostitute. That case may have sold that phone for me.

  9. Ganesh Radhakrishnan says


  10. robotomo says

    does this case work with the GPE version of the m8?

  11. Aashik 249 says

    got a similar case for my HTC 728. but it isn't working. need help plz

  12. TREEGO TOP TOP says

    Cant believe its been 4 years since this video came out i remmeber the first time i watched it

  13. bryzon10000 says

    3years ago i had this .time goes fast

  14. Noor Wali Shah says

    Sir HTC charging Problem How can solve

  15. ZED TV says

    3 years later, dot view case on my M8 is still on perfect condition… but not the phone..

  16. Elsen Qedirov says

    Kaboku nece tapmaq olar Bilen var?

  17. Sol Candy says

    The dot view case use to be 50$ I just bought one for my m9 it was 4.99$

  18. Luis Villa says

    black in black hands look like gray xd

  19. xorkatoss says

    lol what a lame case

  20. Артем Саушкин says

    Класс! Я в шоке!!!!!)))))

  21. Faris Fahmi says

    did htc desire eye have hybrid cover??

  22. Device pro says

    Dot View HTC M8

  23. Gamer Gone Retro says

    haha the Apple cover 😀 .well its apple. Expensive and not really worth it

  24. Amandeep says

    apple 5c cover trolled xD

  25. Male Maslo says

    this case is only for HTC ? I want this case for Lenovo A7000 //// when somebody know where I can byu this case send me here link Thanks 🙂

  26. IGA says

    Really sad to know there won't be a nougat update for HTC M8

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