HTC One M8 Impressions!

HTC One M8 Impressions!
The New HTC One M8 is official and in hand! HTC One “Ultrapixel” Explained: Google Play Edition HTC One M8: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Eftiar Alam says

    Even in 2018 , M8 beats the crap outta some mid-range phones , both in performance and build quality ! Except water resistance and ton of RAM ! XD

  2. El Chapo Guzmán says

    Fuck HTC , they should Fix over heating problems , weak battery and it shut down automatically . I had a very bad experience on my HTC desire and Amaze 4G, it was very new shutdown one day and never worked again

  3. Manager says

    haha who looked up m8?

  4. shasha ali says

    Hi marques I like ur honest reviewyour very genuine teller thank you is HTC m8 is worth the money

  5. prosto krasavchik says


  6. Wilson Mugisha says


  7. hayden says

    Is the HTC M8 too big for the average man hand??

  8. Anthony Samuel says

    I got mine already….HTC all the way

  9. RafidMannan says

    MKBHD makessss
    super videos I am #Marques #Brownlee a mad fannn

  10. Iqbal Bhawana says

    It's really confusing when reviewers say it's a 4 mega pixel camera instead of 4 ultra pixel.
    Is there a reason for this? Thanks! (:

  11. quattro221 says

    Is HTC water resistant ? 🙂 

  12. Mitchrils says

    Wow, gr8 b8 M8.

  13. Kram HY2 says

    wow everyone one this page mocked the HTC one m8 realy fucking early even before using it… lol its the fastest phone right now it fucking destroye the note 4 when they both ran on lollipop…the note 4 only had better ram but other than that the m8 was way faster than it. i agree that the camera isnt as great but its still decent cause the "4" isnt the main focus on the camera cause its well built! im not a HTC fan by any means i always prefered the galaxy series but you gotta admit that the m8 is just an overcompleted package!

  14. Guy For Daddy Wee says

    Please look the meizu mx4

  15. BEAM Tvz1 says

    Which HTC one has the best camera?

  16. Wayne Zahra says

    Officially  the best phone in the world. The phone is amazing . I was surprise  that the Note4 came in 4th. The Technology
    of the Note4 is from another level something that No other mobile has. I used to be a Samsung fan until i went to HTC Desire 610 I've  been blown away by the phone . Android is the Future . Thank you Marques Brownlee for another Great Presentation. 

  17. Deon says

    nice m8

  18. Philip Campbell says

    What cover was that in the video??

  19. Gamer Extraordinaire says

    Kind of off topic here but what smart watch is that? xD 
    Please tag me when replying!

  20. Jack Smith says

    Am using this cool app MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

  21. oh wordington says

    Funny how I'm watching this from my HTC One M8

  22. Andrae Henry says

    I honestly can't wait for mine

  23. Sarfraz Saleem says

    I'm disappointed with my HTC one m8 . There is no floating window and battery life is also not so good . I have to charge it twice in day .Waste off money . Sorry .

  24. Sai K says

    brother does htc one e8 has optical image stabilisation??

  25. Meng Mantol says

    htc one m7 or m8 is bad phone for camera, if you take a photo will get a purple camera

  26. LetsMvnchIt ツ says

    bought this phone love it

  27. Ayy Lmao says

    I'll never understand why the gunmetal is the "default" color. The white and gold are beautiful.

  28. Ahmed Ali says

    Is htc one m8 is good for music by headphone??

  29. ppprX says

    Don't really know why I enjoy this guys reviews more than any others.

  30. ajfam871 says

    HTC usually makes great stuff. Why do they put such shitty cameras in their new phones. With a better camera it would be a great phone. Its like they are the company that doesnt realize people want a great camera(or at least decent). I have had the HTC EVO 4G LTE FOR 3.5 years now. I LOVE this phone I think it has an mp camera. Its great, take amazing pics better that my families iPhone 4/5 and S3/4. It time to upgrade. I dont want a S5. I am considering the LG G3 and the iPhone 6.

  31. Д., Янчaн says

    Are you kidding me? HTC is a piece of JUNK. Literally, it is A JUNK!!! I have a HTC ONE M8 that I purchased like few month ago, not really to use it, but to see how good it is ( I don't really believe in Chinese products). And this crap doesn't let me download necessary apps, and image and memo files disappear by its own and everything is just a piece of junk! By Korean products. LG or Samsung are the true reliable brands I have used. They never do things like the HTC. Their designs are better looking, better performance, less lacks and, their quality is way better. So my point is.., NO, NEVER USE CHINESE PRODUCTS.

  32. Thomas says

    Dude whats ur wallpaper

  33. Hamza El.B says

    that grey case is dope !

  34. Cesar Gonzalez says

    I'm buying the m8 today yesssss I hope I don't retreat it lol great phone from wat If seen and heard

  35. Friday Nwosu says

    Marques Brownlee . . . wonderful review, great guy. Hope to meet you someday.

  36. Amalie Hafid says

    I WANT IT👊😭

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