HTC One M9 Impressions!

HTC One M9 Impressions!
HTC One M9 feels like One M8s. And that’s not a bad thing. Samsung Galaxy S6 Hands-On: Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Hardcore Gears says

    2019:what is htc?

  2. Chinmay Agarwal says

    I forgot about this one
    Mkb was so hyped up about this

  3. Tahir Ali says

    Just watched the The Verge video,
    u were shooting there.
    Seriously creator's biggest trick is to make his work looks so easy.

  4. alper eşgi says

    İşlemcisi ve sanal tuşu kötüydü 😊

  5. Bassam Siraj says

    I feel like going to the past and tell him about the future, won't that be really cool

  6. ViniByte says

    anyone seeing this again after seeing the verge video?

  7. Tiny Peanuts says

    Ok help sony z5 or htc m9 urgent

  8. Tiny Peanuts says

    Sony z5 or htc m9

  9. Mayank Abrol says

    how do you make such good videos!…….I saw the verge's video which showed the behind the scenes for this video….how do you decide what to shoot?

  10. Prajjwal Jain says


  11. ooog yubari says

    There's just no beating the premium feel of the One line from HTC.

  12. Igli Xhahysa says

    It's good, but Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge is the best phone…!!!

  13. Jon & Alycia says

    but does it shoot raw?

  14. Ali Cetin says

    This comment coming from my htc m7 and i will never change it till broken 😉

  15. FRAG128JJ says

    Check out my weird channel

  16. Sukanta Ghosh says

    Hey…MkBHF..i am lot of fan of your videos…. Plz give a review on HTC desire 826…new phone of Desire…plz give it

  17. Naveen Babu says

    Pls review the Asus zenfone 2.

  18. Wayne Clark says

    Your eyes can't see above 1080p all this 4k crap is just to get your money

  19. Clone Guy901 says

    m9 lol

  20. portia jenkins says

    Not rushing for the m9,had my m8 a year and I love it & the camera,I have no complaints,completely satisfied!

  21. Jordan Thompson says

    Can you do a review of the htc one m9 plus? Seems it's the same as the m9 but with all the problems and moans fixed? 🙂

  22. Jerry Conn says

    I love it when the new stock phone has already installed the features I have on my current phone. The widget for different apps based on location, ect. ect. Good play HTC.

  23. ESCPOP says

    This is the worst update by HTC

  24. ItMAN says

    No sign up, no credit card, no surveys, nothing! just click on enter and hope to win the Samsung Galaxy S6,

  25. Tomasz L says

    Just another htc.
    I like the metal brushed back but i would put the case on it anyway.

  26. hnnotyy says

    POS I've had two M7 M8 camera issues and other issues with it. No more HTC phones.. Samsung now.

  27. MrPutter67 on OSU! says

    8 r8 1/8 m8

  28. William Bonney says

    I have it is a bad ass phone everyone just to give you a heads up.iv has a HTC for a long time don't let the Samsung fans foul you

  29. RK Vlogs says

    Really Good Device M9 …… I like Your MKBHD Clock For Android 🙂

  30. Steiner1639 says

    Silver M9


  31. Arly Scintile says

    There doesn't seem to be any worthwhile reason to upgrade from the M8.


    Samsung Galaxy S6 – Black Sapphire / do we get a choice of memory space? I'd take any either way.

  33. Ewan Withey says

    I entered the givaway for this 😇 hope i win 😊

  34. Racer X says

    How about the HTC Desire 816?

  35. Racer X says

    I notice you mostly do flagship phones. Will you in the future do some mid range phones?

  36. MarcoDuguayMusic says

    I've owned an M8 for a year now and I have NEVER been annoyed by the chin in any way whatsoever. When the screens on you stop looking at it and focus on the rest of the phone. Plus, for BoomSound, it's worth it.

  37. Fatih Akpinar says

    How is the reception / signal on the m9 i saw zero bars

  38. Jonas Jiang says

    HTC M9 SIlver

  39. Harish Pillai says

    When will there be a full review!

  40. Just_Living says

    i absolutely love my HTC One m7. Until i broke it trying to fix it. It was a wonderful phone. I had no complaints about it and im sure many other M7 users can agree. I really wish they would go back to that M7 look instead of these long fillets on each corner. Honestly if they Upgraded the camera, bumped the specs, got a screen between 1080 and 2k (1440p obviously but i dont know if thats even been heard of) and bumped the battery on the M7. then they could  EVEN KEPT kept the size of the phone and streched out the screen to make it almost like a "edgeless" screen on the sides id be beyond happy with htc. Just because all these phone companies make there phones bigger doesnt mean that they look better. People with small hands, like girls, dont like that. i personally have big hands but a person with smaller hands would find them selves moving the phone around a lot in there hands and no one wants to do that. hense keeping that M7 look and size. I still like it tho:)

  41. milan patel says

    I just love it… Seriously bro… Best HTC phone out there in market

  42. Jeremy Sears says

    Yoo Lol Samsung has the Andriod game on lock..

  43. Desmond Qazi says

    guys i need advice. Should i get the M8 or M9? .

  44. Kovács Bálint says

    Moto g (2014) vs Nokia lumia 635 ?

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