HTC One M9 Review!

HTC One M9 Review!
One M9 is HTC’s familiar 2015 flagship! HTC One M9 (Silver): HTC One M9 (Gunmetal): One M9 First …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Farraliza Nur says

    My favorite phone from HTC was my metallic HTC M9+. It had awesome sound effect. Very good when playing games.

  2. Daniel Clark says

    You want a camera? Go buy a camera!

  3. Najmul Hasan says

    Watching this on an HTC One M9 in 2019 LOL

  4. Sufiur Rahman says

    You black hole

  5. kristpher maxwell says

    I still use my htc one m9 in 2019 works like a champ

  6. beggarmanthief says

    Really well built phone 😂😂😂

  7. Archit Awasthi says

    Anyone else getting this recommended in 2019? Or is it only me
    Still gonna watch it though😅

  8. Hyzam Ali says

    It's 2019, htc is broke!

  9. Nanof Urbiznis says

    This was considered excellent just 4 years ago??
    Wow, the standards have increased dramatically.

  10. HTC used to create beautiful phones. m7, m8…Damn. what happened to them

  11. Vincent Koech says

    This was a good phone i never purchased,,,, shame on me

  12. James Charbonneau says

    What the hell happened HTC!
    You use to make works of art???

  13. Peter Bnnn says


  14. Digby Dooright says

    Thank you so much!! Saved me a purchase! 😀

  15. Mandala Graphics says

    I have always loved HTC M8 and M9 for the front facing speakers. Cameras are not bad either. But all the new ones like Nova series are too plasticky and shiny and slippery and front facing speakers are gone. I don't like them anymore. Love your reviews Marq. Keep up the good work.

  16. Kriro says

    well after 3 years with this phone i have to say it's quite terrible at the long run, at first everything was ok but with the past of time oh boy, problem after problem, overheating, laggie perfomance and the most important thing the battery is totall crap, terrible duration being a brand new device and today it can barely stay on without the power cable.

  17. Shai Wilde says

    Hey Marques, do you know of any HTC phones with an awsome camera ? I love HTC phones but I need a really good camera like the I phone camera. Thanks!

  18. mistersister says

    i have this phone but the battery is irriplacable and it dies at 40%. 100% lasts about 20m so my phone is usually never touched 🙁 i really want a new phone. apart from the battery everything else is smooth running and the storage is great

  19. Sylvester's Gaming says

    And i dont use the power button 😂😂😂😂

  20. ragekage209 says

    god i miss those speakers. i'd much rather have some bezels if it meant getting that great stereo sound back

  21. Mazin Alzadjali says

    I'm still using the m9 and I still haven't found a reason to buy a new phone because all the phones now are garbage

  22. elijah weller says

    Am I the only one watching this in 2018, still liking the design

  23. wero says

    The m8 had the best design of all they fallen off 🙁

  24. dreadpiraterobert says

    HTC just updated the M9 to Android 8. If you can get one for under $150 this is a GREAT budget phone in 2018.

  25. Thành Trần says

    So well build, it ended up on Zack's shelf of shame # JRE

  26. ZR1Terror says

    This phone was HTC’s downfall.

  27. Hastur xix says

    If HTC can just give us a quality camera, I'd dare say that they make some of best smartphones. Their speakers especially are a main attraction.

  28. V8 Power says

    You have to press longer then it turns on AE lock which locks aperture, then you can pan the camera where you want to, takes skill to take photographs and you can take good ones even with mobile phones if you know how.

  29. Jaysann22 says

    Wow…. What a disappointment that Toshiba botched a 20mp camera. On paper people were probably thinking they were getting a dope camera only to experience an epic fail from HTC and Toshiba….. :/

  30. Soner Koca says

    Giving up on my crap S7 Edge and buying this in 2018.

  31. Darko Matijević says

    I had a M9 for three years and it was a hot mess, but I loved it, it was like the Alfa Romeo of phones, it has character and you love it with all it's flaws

  32. JustAGuy OnYoutube!4K says


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