HTC One M9+ (& S6 Plus!)

HTC One M9+ (& S6 Plus!)
HTC One M9 Plus & Galaxy S6 Plus! The extra flagship returns. Plus is the new Prime. Prime Phones Explained: HTC One M9 …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. mad one says

    Am i alone here from 2019

  2. Elija Primo says

    I'm having problems with getting in to the finger print on mine

  3. Rene Soriano says


  4. Clous von says

    Htc was ahead of the multiple camera craze

  5. Elija Primo says

    Where could i get a case to order for this phone

  6. Oopss7 says

    Would you recommend this one or the Moto Turbo?? I'm concerned about the display in addition to overall speed and performance

  7. Glory Boy Elijah says

    Where could I order a good case for the HTC one m9 plus

  8. Uttkarsh Sharma says

    Jio works or not

  9. ChamCho124 says

    still using the normal m9…

  10. Md. Mushfiqur Rahman Avi says

    Hell bro, m9+'s sound out put bottom in right side does it work?
    my device's bottom in right side is not working, what will I do?
    please solution

  11. koppu prasanthkumar says

    spent 40000rs for this and the worst phone in terms of battery harldy remains 2 hours and heats a lot…..i feel soo sad…

  12. MAGA AXMEDOV says

    good htc m9 plus

  13. Selva Raj says

    how would you compare it with oneplus 3t, kindly reply

  14. Jay Jay says


  15. belikeadbi says

    you can unlock the phone using the fingerprint scanner…dude! its awesome!

  16. Jose Gabrielle Junior says

    is this phone still worth it to buy in 2017?

  17. Sukhdev Singh says

    sir plz add my channel to ur feature channel

  18. Shafy H says

    I need an expert opinion which is better on M9 (SD810) vs m9+ (mtk) for a heavy user

  19. s Sadik says

    fuck on HTC display

  20. PocketWow says

    if only the side bezels, chin and forehead weren't that large… they learned nothing from the G4 😀

  21. Prashast Gupta says

    which phone is much better lg g4 or htc m9 plus?

  22. kamel alg says

    HTC one m9+ vs Sony xperia z5 ?

  23. Luke et-old says

    what the HTC m9 should have been from the beginning

  24. Sybille Hansa P. Métellus says

    you are wrong about the fingerpring sensor. it does wake up and unlock the phone

  25. Raphael Ikinya says

    I love the M9+, but could you do a review of the One ME or M9ew

  26. Sriram Batchu says

    2016 Pro will be the new plus

  27. solomon Charles says

    which is best phone in htc

  28. Shaurya Deuja says

    Is m9+ waterproof ?

  29. Itaku says

    Slightly better? Lol not with that mediatek package.

  30. Adi says

    using this …. htc 10 doesnt seem much of an upgrade …

  31. Dwayne Jose says

    Hi, I am new to your channel – I just subscribed actually… You review Android Phones really well. I'm currently planning to purchase a new phone, may I ask you some questions? I hope you can help me out, thank you in advance.

    What phone would you recommend that is…
    1. Durable (drops, scratches, etc.)
    2. Has great cameras (front and rear)
    3. Worth the price
    4. Great battery life

    My brother owns an iPhone 6s and he's telling me that it's the BEST phone. I hope you could give me an objective take on this bro, much appreciated. God bless

  32. Killez Beats says

    Hello @marques . i have one question. Who smartphone is better between Lg v10 , htc m9 plus and Samsung a9. ?

  33. Diego Penaranda says

    what happened to "heeey what is up guys…"

  34. Nawaz Waseem says

    This phone is so fucking expensive

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