HTC One "Ultrapixel": Explained!

HTC One "Ultrapixel": Explained!
The HTC One is quite the baller smartphone with a one of a kind camera. “Ultrapixel” camera explained! More “Explained” videos: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Gediminas says

    Which phone has largest sensor size?

  2. Judge Judith Sheindlin says

    What the fuck was that intro????

  3. Malizion says

    5:11 the way he says "Voila"

  4. please sub says

    "right now" .. its 2019 , why is this in my recommend

  5. Hu Ggu says

    I had m8 it was bad in low light
    Even S4 camera is mutch better then one m8 camera

  6. Dracorexia says

    and here we are in 2018 where each phone camera is following this same trend only changing each pixel size.

  7. Sam Baker says

    Only 175 downvotes and 16k likes!:)

  8. Shraavan Krishna says

    Anyone here after the 'Google Ulta Pixel' rumor??

  9. chaitanya bangera says

    Damn.. Thought this is the rumored new Google Pixel 😀

  10. babyjuice82 says

    Lol… I watched a leak of Google's rumored new phone "Ultra Pixel" and I clicked on this video thinking they were related.

  11. Carlyn Warnock says

    Google buys part of HTC and names their new phone pixel ultra

  12. Ryozaki San says

    Great Job Explaining!! really takes good photos even at low light.

  13. Jewelra Dr says


  14. Khejurwala Mondol says

    D. Van Nostrand THATS BS and you know that.Basically what the guy in the video said is that the UltraPixel is basically beefing up the pixels in particular.The pixel count might not be that large and furthermore pixel is just BS, regardless of that the UltraPixel camera takes a picture with more light makes it more dense,so it maybe 8 or 4 megapixels but the pixel density and volume is a whole lot more than average and beats the crap out of 13 or 12 megapixel or more camerasnwoth more resolution out there on the market.

  15. Brendan TaterTot says

    12 megapixels is still the norm in 2016

  16. Dony Dony says

    xiaomi mi 5 vrs HTC one me camera pic video.???

  17. Dick Jones says

    Sponsored by the HTC one lol. Thos photos are as grainy as hell. Terrible photos. lol

  18. pumaman says

    Thank you so much! Now I know which phone I'll buy

  19. Apoorv Pandey says

    Hey What's Up Guys MKBHD here !! liked it bro

  20. Andrés Stadelmann says

    Like all your videos, this one is exceptionally informative and very well made, thanks you!

  21. Capital_STEEZ says

    How come 4 megapixel pictures look like shit compared to anythig in 1080p?

  22. Cheese says

    The camera of the HTC One m7 is pretty bad. Mine broke in 5 months… It became all pink in low light

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