HTC One X Review!

HTC One X Review!
This is HTC’s beast of a quad core flagship for 2012. Thumbs up! Buy an HTC One X: The wallpaper: Full written review …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Justin W. says

    Is it just me or do you not really hear about HTC much now? Except for their VR headset. Their smartphones were pretty popular 5-7 years ago. I had this phone and the One M8. I loved them.

  2. ROHAN AKMAL says

    Can i. Use this phone in 2019

  3. Ankit Naik says

    Watching this today and reliving the day when I had got this phone for the first time!

  4. Ahmed Rizwan says

    It's 2019. Now I am Using Samsung Galaxy S10 but I still have this phone and it's still working fine.

  5. John Thangaraj says

    Watching this on my Galaxy S10 in August 2019. Still remember how excited I was when I got this phone back in 2012. Sad how we've gotten immune to technology these days.

  6. امید یاری says

    Give me this phone plz

  7. New Tricks says

    This is my first phone in my life

  8. Albert Łapa says

    Quad-core beast :00

  9. gilang putra says

    No doubt, this is one of sexiest phone design ever..
    And we will laugh watching every 2019 phone review in 2030..

  10. Harvey de Wijs says

    A 7 year old video from MKBHD in my recommended list. Nice

  11. Planet Thrill says

    This was the phone I always wanted.

  12. Oshane Davis says

    Watching in 2019 so weird looking at this

  13. Kar Kit Liu says

    High end camera lol

  14. Joel Urdiales says

    HTC should bring back this design this 2019

  15. kenniikalonji says

    Man I loved this phone! Lag was crazy bad but the design made me fell in love and the 8mp camera at the time was class leading. Back when I ran Qualcomm benchmarks on every phone I got for bragging rights 😂

  16. Nash Grier says

    My first phone. That I lost. 😭 2013-2013 rip

  17. Adith Anirudhan says

    My first Smartphone… Nostalgia🙂

  18. Justin says

    Watching this on my Galaxy S10 lol

  19. Titus Versace says

    Man I remember when I has this phone

  20. Ahmad Mujeeb says

    watching in 2019. i used this phone for a year. i still miss it

  21. WILL -I-AMZ says

    I'm watching this in 2019 🙄 why tho !!?

  22. skaterafael says

    Watching these now that we have 6 inch and up screens makes me remember when It was 2014 and we made jokes saying that iphone 6 plus was a tablet xddd

  23. Tezhe says

    this was one of the worst phones i ever owned. had it 4 years ago and it made me wanna die

  24. Funtertainment says

    I used to have the white version which is still my favorite.😍😍😍😍😍😍

  25. ふじわら明菜 says


    Nostalgia. My first google android device.

  26. Ricardo Gobin says


  27. Regan Awale says

    2019 , still love it.

  28. Steve Zebel says

    2019 anyone?

  29. 'Χρήστος Π' says

    2019, still one of the best looking phones out there

  30. DerangedSloth555 says

    Back when HTC was still churning out good phones.

  31. Youngho Trash says

    I use this phone

  32. Miguelcdim says

    Those were the days.

  33. Dylan Richards says

    HTC One S <3

  34. Deep Kagathara says

    Like a bawse!! 😂

  35. Heavymetalhead360 says

    "its a cell phone speaker"😂

  36. Asiatic Leopard says

    I had it ♥️

  37. carl delasi broohm says

    anybody watching in 2018?

  38. Rief Reatless says

    2018 !!! :0

  39. Mark Offenberg says

    Interesting how a couple of years later, that camera would be unacceptable for even the lowest-end smartphones right now.
    I love these old HTC phones and i hope they improve their design in the future. The U11 we got right now is just mediocre

  40. Angrut says

    I remember this phone, my all time favorite until this day.. a reason for me to buy the U12 plus . Thanks for still keeping this review in 2018

  41. Yaswanth Vyda says


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