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  1. pretty justine says

    Hi roxx I love you😘

  2. Georgina Clarke says

    Grabbing a cuppa now so I can watch more of your videos.

  3. Elizabeth x says

    How us she a size 8 I'm 13 and a size 10

  4. Harriet Shearsmith says

    I love a good haul video! This is fab!

  5. Naila Kiayani says

    I am going today

  6. donut cat says

    Who's in Ravenclaw I am

  7. mary estrada says

    What 6 pounds means? …its that 6 dollars ?

  8. GN16 xoxo says

    You should bring out a range from primark 😏😉💕

  9. Maddy Pi says

    You are fantastic

  10. Christy Oliver says

    I REALLY loved the purple shade sweater (jumper) with the collar and cut out underneath… Lovely! O and the home decor, LOVE IT!! They WILL fit perfectly in your home 👍. Thanks again!! 💖

  11. Liberty Jennifer says

    Do a try on

  12. Heatherylou1990 says

    I miss primark, I moved to Australia 9 years ago been back to England twice and took half a suitcase just so I could shop at primark and bring stuff back…… they need primark in AUSTRALIA

  13. Becky Johnston says

    i love a good primary haul please if you can spare few check out mine

  14. Harpoons for Hands says

    I'm binge watching autumn primark hauls 😂

  15. Georgiia xx says

    WHERES HER TOP FROM!!! i want itttt

  16. Alice says

    I have that mustard hoody

  17. Shelby Woodward xx says

    I am obsessed with harry potter

  18. Roxi: shows the clock
    Me externally: Oh, cute
    Me internally: E-X-O

  19. Bye says

    Does anyone else thinks she looks like LDShadowlady?

  20. Belinda Bennett says

    I swear she is by far the most beautiful girl iv seen she's absolutely stunning ! I'm not one to write comments usually but this had to be said…I'm actually jel 😘 great vids I also love the ones you and your partner does there hilarious xxx

  21. Z-Aliz says

    I got the same hoodie !

  22. holly leigh says

    Primark is honestly the best shop

  23. Lem's Life says

    A great primark haul lemoni cook

  24. Zoe Reid says

    Does anyone know how much the moon cactus holder was?

  25. Amanda Johanson says

    I am a dinosaur now!!!

  26. Imogen Thomas says

    Oh my gosh I love your barbie top so much!! Where did u get it from??♥

  27. Lucy Vlogs says

    How much was the crescent moon plant? X

  28. Sarah says

    I've got the first top

  29. Abigail Lyons says

    Aww I've got the same bunny slippers

  30. Kaitlin Cake-Tin says

    Does anyone know where roxi's top is from? 😱😍

  31. Layna B says

    Fold the edge up so the back sticky up part is actually on your head?

  32. Shauna Cleary says

    Where the f do u find these coz idk if it's just me but the Irish Penny's are absolutely useless and never seem to have anything nice and if they actually do there is never any small sizes I really wish I could find all of the things in ur haul ❤️❤️

  33. Mariyum Ahmed says

    Saffron barker also did a primark haul and she was wearing a barbie top as well😂❤️

  34. paige buffham says

    How much was the clock!!! 💕✨

  35. Summer's World says

    Her – "I absolutely love this colour!"
    Me – "Ewww! That colour is horrible"
    No offense to anyone who likes it

  36. Callie Chinery-Tompkins says

    I loved literally all of them maybe the Harry Potter top slightly more than the rest😅💕

  37. Stephanie Brinkmann says

    The scarf is like the Norwegian flag😂🇳🇴

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