HUGE BIKINI & SWIMSUIT TRY ON HAUL! • VLOG CHANNEL: Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! Since summer is approaching and …

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  1. Roxxsaurus says

    Hope you guys had an awesome day and enjoyed today's video! If you wanna see more of my face head over to RoxxsaurusVlogs! I've just posted a new daily vlog there! Love you guys xxx

  2. Foxy says

    Love all of them but my fav was the last 2 love the royal blue Bikini x

  3. Pelikoss Koss says

    Ale bym ci ospermił twarz

  4. Karthick C says

    Her body is the most beautiful pear I've ever seen💖💯💯💖

  5. Juan fabian Diaz cossi says

    Que te vez de rubí a me gusta

  6. Dextri Promotion says

    Whereeeee is the cameltoeee???

  7. Nehir Özdoğan says

    i think you should pull the arm parts (not so sure what thats called) up while swimming in the second swimsuit in order to protect the boobs. i have a bikini like that and it really helps 🙂

  8. Aya Odeh says

    girl u do have curves + an hourglass figure

  9. Xia moonwolf says

    Does anybody else think that she looks like a Barbie in the mermaid life one piece

  10. Lizard Poo says

    Wow this is a difference from that eBay one. Everyone in the comments was complaining about what she was saying about the bikinis and about what her body looked like. Jeez.

  11. Inara Safarali says

    Ur pretty ❤

  12. Jasmine Dunn says

    Im watching this at the end of 2018 and u have 3.4 million xxx

  13. Tom Kunz says

    very nice videos of swimsuit baby is this sweet apritom hm hm nice sit on the body and is seen really good video for swimsuits for ladies and sellins I am a pleasure for such video hm is sexi

  14. Natalie Maatouk says

    Take then all

  15. Shari And Roxy says

    Loved the last one.

  16. Mother Adrenaline says

    Your swimsuits are so decent, I love it

  17. wafel_nikczemności says

    What are you doing with all those swimsuits? I have one for three years XD

  18. Despair says

    Only her can make a tryon haul without showing the butt at all without people bitching about it. That's how unreal beautiful she is.

  19. Erin rogue_Eris says

    She is body goals

  20. Blonde Crossdresser xxx says

    To all girls: feeling sexy and being sexy are 2 different things. Just saying

  21. Rewan Ghoneim says

    This angle makes ur head look big for some reason 😢

  22. Cornelia S says

    Love your videos 😍😍😍

  23. What's her real name…

  24. Zarina Chan says

    Beautiful body 😂💙 and i like your accent.

  25. Zarina Chan says

    Beautiful body 😂💙 and i like your accent.

  26. Liberty Schimelpfenig says

    the bright pink mermaid life swimsuit like makes you stand out alot it looks good on you and the blue one too that said palm springs call 1979 and also the ast one you tried on

  27. nessa xii says

    Laurel or yanny

  28. derf ferd says

    I really enjoyed beating my dick to you

  29. Clara Bailey says

    This girl is perfecto funny gorgeous AH I JUST CANTTT♥️♥️

  30. Clara Bailey says

    I frican love youuuuu

  31. Flower Smalls says

    I luv💞💕❤ your classic swimsuit look. AWESOME 🏊🏄

  32. David G says

    You are quite gorgeous.

  33. Andriana Pap says

    where did you get your pink top?

  34. Federica Abbruzzese says

    She has my dream body!

  35. Kaelyn Hollington says

    Were did you get your chocker from??

  36. Vanessa C says

    With the 7:18 pink swimsuit u look like a Barbie lol. Love ya ❤️

  37. super 643 man says

    I like your eyeliner 😻

  38. One Bitcoin Buy Sell says

    Amazing Girl trying bikinis :)) we love you, more videos please. 💃 thumb 🆙

  39. Sadia Khan says

    your eye make up is beautiful

  40. Heather Hendricks says

    can I have the blue Palm Springs one?

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