Check Out HairBurst Here: Hey guys! Today’s video is a HUGE Black Friday Try on Haul! I picked up some …

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  1. Liessa Lace says

    watching from Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  2. Rebecca Krajcova says

    Loved the gold dress on you!

  3. MegaCaroline98 says

    Wait, what?!? Did you say Finland?? Omg

  4. CrixJoki says

    That hook & eye detail pu dress is GORGEOUS! 😀 💜

  5. AJ Jmr says

    Everything suits you💜

  6. Mannat Sharma says

    I honestly think the blazer dress looks bomb on you. Love u ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Jungkook's Dumb girl says


    Roxi: Looks good on everything

  8. Felicia Coble says

    10:00 I want that dress lol maybe I'll look as good 💕🤣

  9. Tamanna Kadir says

    Try aliexpress once

  10. Pony HR says

    11:30 my favorite 😭💜

  11. sosfree forall says

    10:30 lol, it is nice; and you look good… but have you ever seen the mel brooks movie … spaceballs? hehe
    i will try to find a clip for you here on youtube
    please try to laugh and not be offended ;#)

  12. Jade C Blake says

    Awe I love the checked outfit I just wished it matched properly! Also am I the only one who thinks Misspap is an awful name?! Lol 😂 x

  13. disha tiwari says

    Hy Roxi… Love from India 😍😍….You might love trying on indian dresses …They will look awesome on you

  14. Hannah Donaldson says

    Do an oh polly review! Love your channel ❤️

  15. Kerry Elizabeth says

    The gold dress and the pink leather dress both look ridiculously gorgeous on you! x

  16. Maria says

    She wants everything fitted lol

  17. SuperChiko4000 says

    Roxxsaurus 👋👋👋👋👋👏👏⭐⭐⭐

  18. SuperChiko4000 says

    Ayee I love you r video s

  19. SuperChiko4000 says

    This is a beautiful video 🌟🌟✨✨

  20. Sarah Voigts says

    There was nothing in this video that i didn't absolutely love lol i just wretched prettypastelplease try on a couple things from misspap too and they really do seem great but this is the first time I've heard of them so i would love to see you try on more clothes from them a misspap haul would be great

  21. Alice JieYi says

    The Black Friday sales are ady starting? I thought it was only on the day of😂

  22. JIMINS WIFE says

    I need a asos discount code

  23. FriedaLeahx says

    the gold ruched dress was my fave on you. looked sooo good

  24. Bluely's Bluez says

    Hi….. I m here to talk about that golden dress which doesnt fit you from chest area yeah what i thing is make it off the soulder mean somewhat lower then the normal off soulder dress then may b it will fit you from the place where it dont fits you ….. I hope try to wear like this nd share with me if it fits u or not ….. Love from indian who had step in this youtube making videos

  25. Laurafunlife says

    Whenever I see your videos I always press them straight away! <3

  26. kaylee says

    The gold dress is by far my favorite. I get what you are saying about the chest, but I think it looks good. It’s even small on the model and looks like it is supposed to look like that. Please keep it!! It makes your waist to hip ratio look crazy good

  27. Kat Gee says

    I love the fully checkered outfit but the colors are off so it throws me off. The blazer dress is so cute but the cut was wrong for you. I wish it was more fitted

  28. Lindsay Cariad says

    You’re too freakin cute, I can’t get over it !! I just found u From ur last cat items video, and I’ve been bingeing your vids all weekend. You’re just so wholesome and sweet – a far cry from so many of the crass & vulgar young ladies of this internet age. Social media needs more young women like u!

  29. Prome Karim says

    Please do an affordable prom dresses video💕💕

  30. Dess Uniqueee says


  31. Emely Fdez says

    Roxy: It shows off your collar bones
    Me: If I had any

  32. Tin Bernas says

    connect with beauty/makeup bloggers on Phlanx platform!

  33. Angela Dunn says

    The top and bottom on first outfit do not look like they are the same color or pattern. Cute though.

  34. Catarina Souza says


  35. Divya Baireddy says

    Oh god . U r a doppelganger of Amy Jackson 😳😍

  36. Kori Garbison says

    I would buy: all 3 of the sweater sets, nude 2 peace set!! All dresses are beautiful i wouldn't buy them because their to dressy i have no idea where i would wear them!!

  37. Kate Realtor says

    Do a winter haul

  38. Kori Garbison says

    Love your shirt you are wearing in this video! Where did u get it !?! Love the pink dress but i wouldn't buy i have no idea where i would wear it too!!!

  39. Geo Kar says

    Have you heard about fast fashion? I don't think so

  40. Alex Fortin says

    The pink 11/10 dress is gorgeous, would definitely wear this on Christmas Eve.

  41. Runa Fullbuster says

    PLEASE do a i bought on yesstyle PLEASE youre gonna LOVE that store!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

  42. Addison Keller says

    Do a Walmart haul!!!!

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