Huge Halloween Costume TRY ON HAUL from WISH

Huge Halloween Costume TRY ON HAUL from WISH
Huge Halloween Costume TRY ON HAUL from WISH SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. sky_ clover19 says

    me and my mom and Dad and my sisters are Dreesing up and it is my sis Birthday on Halloween Day:) yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!857,&;yxhvbkcjgu

  2. Nicolas Zawadzki says

    I have a cat to she is quet

  3. Briana Aguare says

    I love uou

  4. Leilanys de Jesus says

    im going to be a black cat just like zoro but as a girl

  5. Luna gEn says

    “ Daddy lil monster “ is what the shirt is meant to say and it needs a jacket on the back of that it says “ Propertie of Joker “ and the glasses are for before she’s Harley and she’s still the doctor so there you go , Love you Azzy

  6. Hayden Graham says

    i know i am ten months late but i was pennywise

  7. luffy 101 says

    Are you sure about miss incredible isn't an DISNEY chareter

  8. Sisters vs. Brothers says

    I am going to be a unicorn

  9. Emily Bustamante says

    Can u like send it to me. Jk

  10. sunaika#macy#BFF Sunaika#macy says


  11. random person says

    a sure k

  12. Trevor Lowe says

    is it just me who thinks her boots are on FLEEEEEEEEAAAAAKKKKKKKK

  13. Natalie Rodriguez says

    You look like the better version of Snow white

  14. Corndog Animates says

    2019 me and my best friend made a peacock holloween costume and everyone loved how we both matched we were stiish

  15. Reaction Gacha says

    If you ever heard of bendy and the ink machine, I'm going to be Alice angel.

  16. Jesus Alvarado says

    My dad give me his phone but I am a girl I love unicorn stuff

  17. Ember Navarro says

    I did not hear zero

  18. Adrienne Hare says

    The incredibles are Disney

  19. Abby Hayden says

    You should find a nurse anne costume

  20. Elena Whetten says

    I going to be an avocado

  21. bayleigh Powell says

    Harley Quinn shirt supposed to say daddy’s monster

  22. Luke Lawley says

    @Azzyland, why have Americans abandoned the idea of dressing up as scary characters? It's basically anything goes now isn't it? In britian its still very much zombies, bats, spiders, ghosts etc.. i prefer your way. Less restrictive and more fun i would imagine 🙂

  23. Nathan Olbrich says

    Tiger is my favorite

  24. starter pack bucket says

    Azzy thicccc

  25. Shannon Taylor says

    im going to be a cheta.e for halloween but i dont have the erse yet idk wer to get them

  26. Liz Goraieb says

    I’m going to be a witch ‼️

  27. Morgan Andersen says

    you look so good in anything!

  28. Janley Cidane Ortiz says

    Harley Quinn

  29. itsMellow says

    omg the tiger and ppolice costume are so cute on you azzy! i love your vids <3

  30. Sandra MacKay says

    I love the cat

  31. Ashley Ruckman says


  32. Ashley Ruckman says

    Cool outfits

  33. Socorro Calliham Gutierrez says

    you look like elastic girls daughter not elastic girl but u still look good👍

  34. Hey it’s Crazy850nest says


  35. Johanna Ralda says

    I love your 🐱 cat

  36. Christy Marley YOYOYO says

    Imma be an arctic princess

  37. Renata Daugėlaitė says

    Why you text lithuaniai

  38. Home Abode says

    Batgirl. This Halloween i'll be batgirl

  39. Bugs D.I.Y's says

    On one of ur vids it says let my girlfriend cut my hair are u with her?????????

  40. Chris Chester says

    I am being a bowl of fruit loops for Halloween👻

  41. EPNHO says

    You look really pretty in the tiger

  42. WIFI Eqirs says

    I like bright colors too.

  43. WIFI Eqirs says

    I know how you feel because I don't like dresses because there ichy

  44. Ashley hv says

    Azzy: i'm the most awkward person on the earth
    Me: I'm sorry I am

  45. pieri locuras says

    I liked the one

  46. pieri locuras says

    Yaaaay congrats on 10 M subs!!!

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