HUGE SPRING / SUMMER CLOTHING TRY ON HAUL! You can find my glasses online at Sign up for 50% off + free shipping: …

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  1. Roxxsaurus says

    Hey babes!! how was your Wednesday today!? I've been super productive today working on my homeware website! If you guys don't follow the instagram yet make sure you do! it's @RXhomeware and more product teasers will be coming soon! Hope you enjoy the video! xxx

  2. Foxy says

    You picked up some cute little outfits there huni love them all xo

  3. Bushra Khan says


  4. Alexa Keitumetse says

    I wear glasses but sometimes it sucks, but the good thing is that my eyesight is not that bad so i can take em off

  5. Diana V says

    So where is the poll? 😂

  6. Kori Garbison says

    Perfect for the summer!!!

  7. shahnaj b says

    F is silent in often, i think u just spoke by mistake..

  8. Sa3da Haroun says

    بدخل الفيديو بتغاظ و بطلع💔💔وين العررربب

  9. Kewalramani Arpita says

    I have the same sunglasses

  10. Denise Recio says

    I love you Roxy!
    Love from Philippines 🇵🇭❤️

  11. Korina Vego says


  12. NoranAhmeed16 NoranAhmeed16 says

    Roxy could actually be a model😍😇

  13. Hannah Foster says

    I only need reading glasses and even that’s horrible I hate wearing glasses so much but that’s mainly because I can never find or chose some that suit me

  14. Cocoa_The_Cocker_Spaniel_Dog says

    Don't wish for bad eyesight

  15. Nisha Abhishek says

    I just love your videos!! The contents of all your videos are too cool and to the mark. I recently came across your channel and have been a fan since then!! And you are really pretty and having a bubbly yet sort of frank personality 🙂
    Love from India.. 💕

  16. Shrouk Shahoot says


  17. Hayley Watson says

    I feel sorry for the people who can’t like this vid😂😂😂

  18. Bowd1e93 says

    I have glasses

  19. Amy Harper says

    omg me and roxi look alike we both have blonde hair blue eyes and a geeky/warm smile but i dont have her amaze summer body

  20. Sakina Attar says


  21. Maria Dsouza says


  22. Auksė Šikšniūtė says

    Im wearing glasses😊

  23. Girlie Ocaba says

    iloveyou just as much as i love Zoella. love from ph 💕

  24. theja Savi says

    ✨✨I love your videos roxy

  25. imti ait says
    check out my instagram i draw so yeah hope you enjoy it ^3^

  26. MariaTeresa_Andreacchi says

    I love the blush colour trousers!!

  27. Gabi Małysz says

    I have glasses

  28. Ana Ann says

    Try alibaba things

  29. Crispy Bangtan says

    Please don't wear glasses if you don't need them.. I have glasses and hate wearing them. You don't wish you needed glasses. I mean do what you want but it just irritates me. Love u rox!!

  30. Leah Mitsu says

    I cant wait to go to Primark later on this week now 🙂

  31. Noelle Nottis says

    I wear Glasses!!!

  32. Mint asmr oliviagrace says

    I wear glasses

  33. lyystarx says

    I wear glasses and they’re expensive AF xx

  34. Ali Love says

    I wear glasses, I hate wearing glasses, I wish I didn't have to wear glasses. cleaning them is so freaking annoying, my eyelashes constantly hit the lenses so my glasses always have smudges on them. I'm legally blind in one eye so am recommended not to wear contacts because they could ruin my other eye. My glasses don't go with everything I wear, my prescription is so high that my lenses are extremely thick, which means I can only go with thick framed glasses, and I had to get a prescription pair of sunglasses which look like I took them from a 5 year old boy, they're hideous, but my lenses already sticks out of those and that's the thickest frame that they had. Glasses cost soooooooo much, and when you're broke, it sucks.

    I'm grateful that glasses are able to actually help me see and that I'm able to have them, but I wish so badly that I could see without them but nothing I can do about it.

  35. Korina Vego says


  36. embreezy says

    Oh my gosh my first thought is you are so cute <3

  37. Molly Thomson says

    Ugh… She doesn't get the heartbreak hotel reference….

  38. Clothes haul starts at 3:49

  39. Oliwia Kasperek says

    I've got glasses and I think that they are pretty cool, because they are purple and pink

  40. stan SKZ, NCT, and THE BOYZ says

    That floral crossbody bag is gorgeous!! 💖💖

  41. stan SKZ, NCT, and THE BOYZ says

    I'm just bingewatching all your videos 💗💗💗😂

  42. Zoey Karl says

    I wear glasses and I want to get a new pair

  43. Sydney Patrice says

    Any beginner Youtuber's wanna help each other out and subscribe to one another?? 🙂 <3 Also, love your videos Roxx!!

  44. belle green slime says

    I have glasses black on the outside and purple on the inside

  45. Shay W-H says


  46. Shay W-H says

    Thumbnail 😒

  47. Orage 622 says

    I really like your jumper 😍 what does it come from ?

  48. bloody horror says

    пиздец ты на своем туркминистанском тараторишь нихуя не понимаю

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