I Baked A Cake Using 30 Hacks In A Row

I Baked A Cake Using 30 Hacks In A Row
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  1. Farije Hajre says

    “Brow my mind” I love her accent ❤️

  2. Marwa kk says

    Does anyone try the recipes from tasty cause i feel like they show u how to make something but not completely 🤔

  3. D R says

    Rie is the cutest thing ever

  4. Sarah*:. says

    the fabric strip needs to be soaked in water first 🙂

  5. Danielle Lumbis says

    Would rename this video: “Rie tests 30 hacks Buzzfeed has shared over the years in 11mins44secs”

  6. Targaryen Girl says

    i mean, i have tartar sauce? and it's creamy?

  7. Soham Sarkar says

    So 5 Minutes Craft owns this channel.

  8. DeeTheBomb says

    I'll use my iPhone 4s and use Snapchat I'll go up to 250 degrees easily

  9. Kevin Sam says

    “Am i a bad starbucks employee” 😂😭 i love rie she is so precious

  10. Kaleen Jasperson says

    With the strips they need to be wet before baking

  11. Geoff says

    The egg floating trick works because the liquid slowly evaporates out of the egg as it ages, leaving an air bubble behind. It takes upwards of a month for that to occur, depending on storage. When the eggs are up on end but not floating, they make for easy peeling boiled eggs 🙂

  12. Kaitlyn Wee says

    Rie next time you can use acetate to smooth out the frosting. It works wonders! 😉

  13. Ew there are Humans says

    Rie doesn't need to dip a knife in hot water to cut a cake. She needs her lady! lol

  14. nadia d says

    The floating egg hack works, a bad egg will float and so will old eggs (over 3-4 months old). I have chickens and have tested this with a 1 day old egg and couple month old egg

  15. Martynqa1992 says

    Cornstarch isn't needed in the homemade powdered sugar, honestly. Just blast it in a coffee grinder and sift it through a mesh sieve.

  16. Zach Yates says

    "Why dont people like moist?" Rie our favorite innocent Japanese chef

  17. Goofy Gumball says

    Im kind of disappointed because a lot of these were user error😭 ive done plenty of them

  18. George Solomou says

    it does work with the bottle

  19. Hanni says

    Rie: "Why people doesn't like moist??"

    We have to protect this innocent and pure human being!!

  20. Eggy Ralte says

    you are supposed to WET the cake fabric strips

  21. Erin Z says

    Rie: Save the turtlllles

  22. Just John says

    I bet the toothpick is more to make sure you can fit what you’re writing on the cake, to avoid having the last letters be really small or curl away.

  23. Chloe-Louise Hutchins says

    Hack 7 does work with the bottle but you have to get it right

  24. Tyran Jackson says

    Rie is the best!

  25. Beatrix Benitez says

    Too many uncontrolled and not tested factors to conclude a yes, meh or no

  26. Emiro says

    Rie: Uses alcohol in every single recipe she makes

    Me: Why did I expect to be able to make this recipe?

  27. Hamad Althani says

    omg I recognize some of these hacks from the 2014 high saturation life hack videos

  28. Denitza Vladimirova says

    Wow, when you try to make a content…when most of the "hacks" are not hacks, but simply ways that are actually used in baking.

  29. su jen lee says


  30. Micaella Doronio says

    Save the earth, save the turtles. 😍😍😍💜💜💜

  31. Ace says

    Rie is literally the fancy version of Colette from Ratatouille!!

  32. Jeskyaa Lee says

    I’m simple. I see Rie I click

  33. Guavaman says

    “Saves the turtles.” Rie is now a vsco girl

  34. Philgob says

    The yolk-bottle thing work but she didn’t do it properly

  35. Vivian Tieu says

    Every time they switch to the handheld side camera angle, I get dizzy and now I have a slight headache lol but Rie makes me not care haha

  36. Judy Ahmed says


  37. sabrina to says

    wow keep the cake moist 😏

  38. annie zhao says

    ‘Save the turtles’

  39. Stephen Putnick says

    The floating water egg trick absolutely works. The thing is that eggs stay fresh for a long time. Those "old" ones could be 2 weeks past "expiration", but they are still good. If it sinks completely, it's fresh. If it sinks but stand up, you need to use it soon. If it floats, it's bad.

  40. Lila Twyx says

    0:58 EXACTLY what I thought

  41. Precious Guiuo says

    I was waiting for her to say make it fancy in the start. I realized this is not make it fancy episode 😆

  42. Alien Barnacle says

    Hack 7 works all the time

  43. oneSpaghet says

    HAHAHA why dont people like the word moist AAAHH RIE IS PRECIOUS

  44. J O says

    Moist because immature americans are children and think of private parts.

  45. J O says


  46. Alejandro Estrada Romero says

    Rie, people don't like 'moist' because they are immature sadly

  47. Tanuja Joshi says


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