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  1. Alexandra Nunes says

    The disco jumpsuit reminds me of ABBA

  2. Lovely Mishra Press says

    Hey,Rox you speak a lot and this makes your video lengthy. Please speak less and make videoes little shorter.
    Btw I love you.

  3. Nandini Dayalan says

    you can be BOXY ROXY the boxer! 😀

  4. Abbygale Tirado says

    The gold tracksuit makes you look like an astronaut

  5. Kritika Kargeti says

    Why don't you try traditional indian clothes. I am sure you will find them out of the box.

  6. Manya Gupta says

    OMG that skirt😂😂😂

    Btw I am also a small YouTuber, A Fashion Blogger✨❤

  7. Faiz says

    that sparkly sequin dress fits Twice Feel Special outfit theme 😂

  8. Karen Krista Tulinius says

    why on earth would you buy a revealing outfit then complain about it being revealing and act surprised when you "have to" blur it

  9. Summer Platt says


  10. Tatiana Alexis says

    Do a video wearing these outfits for a day!

  11. Olivia Reynolds says

    ASOS literally stuck a heel on slippers I’m dying

  12. Kith Llovido says

    I love you Roxy! Your fan here from the Philippines 😍

  13. eva ingrid says

    I really love your channel but I am so gutted for not seeing all the length of the legs as I am petite and is a very important aspect to me… Please please please show all the length of the clothing

  14. Breanne Steward says

    I watch your videos with my 1 year old preemie all the time… And watching this one she kept kissing you on my screen, I think she loves your videos ❤️

  15. LoumiaLetsPlay ! says

    The Chain skirt could work really well with a normal pencil skirt underneath 🤔😊

  16. Hailey Kinnamon says

    The chain skirt over another skirt would be so so cute. I'm here for that.

  17. Laura StarFire Beauty says

    I like them

  18. o210. says

    "I just don't think this outfit is for me" is any outfit ever for her? She says this on all her clothing haul videos

  19. Amanda Long says

    Lol teddy bear shoes?!??! Hahaha this was soooo funny! Love you girl! 💕💖💗

  20. Soha Baghdadi says

    Please try Indian dress 😍😍

  21. AnyaSaitou says

    I would actually wear the last outfit tbh, the bat wing like sleeves look kinda cool 🤔

  22. Julia Putri Wasisto says

    those bin bag dress makes me laugh so hard 🤣

  23. NEKO 01 says

    I love the Black chains Skirt

  24. Oni Siram says

    U r wastng ur money.idiot gal
    Instead of those wstd clothes u need to hlp poor or homls pple

  25. Mohit Jain says

    Can you send me last one dress

  26. Brombeer Met says

    Oh my sweet summer child. You are trying Fetisch wear without noticing

  27. Paige B says

    When that one jump suit costs more than a months food shopping 😭😂

  28. Siddhi Jain says

    Please do buying clothes from holland cooper

  29. Ganga Rai says

    These dress doesn’t seems that weird. It just not casual.

  30. jeffsomer says

    I'd love to hear you coming

  31. Moradita Apriliza Simanjuntak says

    I think ASOS made those clothes to wear on the coachella event.. 🤔🤔

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