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  1. Roxxsaurus says

    First 😉

  2. Caitlin Louise says

    Roxi:”who would wear this?”

    Says whilst wearing it

  3. Jillian T says

    does anyone have the link to the Harley Quinn x D.VA costume? <3

  4. Desirée Cappellano says

    what eyeshadow are you wearing?

  5. Shahanaj Begum says

    Is there only me who want to look beautiful but scary also this Halloween 😂👻

  6. Brandy Rocha says

    do we know where her shirt is from?

  7. Leonor Symonds says

    would you mind posting the links to the items?

  8. Differentlifestylez says

    I’ve seen Atleast two of these costumes already in another video.

  9. Reira Serizawa says

    With the code ✨ xtdskgk ✨ you will receive a discount of 50% on your first order!

  10. Ivy Dingayan says

    Oh i love how you act.😘
    Greetings from 🇵🇭

  11. Annie Louise says

    Im new here ur amazing!!!

  12. غ رضا says

    i think i would be the only one wearing the green dinosaur-shaped dress to a halloween party 😀

  13. Priyankaa 98 says

    The ghost shirt!!! 😍😍
    Where did you get it? 🙂

  14. Amberpamber says

    Also I'm pretty sure that that dinosaur costume would win any costume contest it's wonderful

  15. Alicia Nicole says

    the lizard costume looks like a brachiosaurus or brotosaurus !!!!

  16. Azucena Baeza says

    That cute asf ghost shirt!

  17. Amberpamber says

    Love your ghost shirt!!!

  18. NikkiPizzaQueen says

    That Harley Quinn Suicide Squad / D.Va from Overwatch cross over costume is super cute and amazing actually

  19. Karen Krista Tulinius says


  20. Mariana Lopez says


  21. It’s Totally Riwa says

    Jazzybum did the dinosaur

  22. Natalie Rozean says

    The green one would be scary if u wore it NOT ON HALLOWEEN, but went creeping thru a field at night on some random evening. You’d end up in another youtubers “ghost, alien, demon caught on tape” video . Orrrrrr someone might shoot you. On second thought… better not. 😂

  23. Fernanda Zuñiga says

    That greeen costume JAJAJAJAJAJSJSJAJAJA NO
    I CANT 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Summer Sierra says

    If u stuff the cone part of the hat it will stay standing! You looked super cute in the pumpkin BTW

  25. Eleyna Eckert says

    You’re hilarious and so down to earth! Love it I’m a new subscriber

  26. AbbyLee Gray says

    Shouldve posted earlier because the costumes will no longer arrive in time for halloween

  27. Ashley S says

    I’m in LOVE with your ghost shirt😍 Please tell us where you got it

  28. Nice Loreto says

    Your so cute @roxxsaurus .. pretty sure 🙂

  29. C vdL says

    Roxi @ every outfit in try on videos: "im actually obsessed" (it's adorable)😂❤️

  30. First Name says

    Get DISCOUNT in wish with this code:

    up to 70% off!

  31. lubaba jasmin says

    The headless one was soo cool

  32. M Nicole Bouret says

    I feel like you could also be like a dark mermaid in that witches dress

  33. Jessica Daw says

    I have a video idea for you. When Halloween is over, why don't you do a video of DIY creations from your costumes to something that you'd actually wear out. I think that would be awesome! We all know how creative you are so it would be super entertaining!

  34. naya peru says

    My favorite was the last one

  35. Robyn Ghafoor says

    Love the fact that you guys are sharing costumes for your videos, usually YouTubers are really competitive and wouldn't do that.

  36. Vanessa Gomez says

    where is your shirt from? (:

  37. Lolo Boloko says

    Roxxsaurus how often do you do meet and greets???

  38. Alyssa Dana says

    Love these do more !

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