I Challenged A Fashion Designer To Transform My Bridesmaid Dress

I Challenged A Fashion Designer To Transform My Bridesmaid Dress
“It cost, like $200, so if I could wear it again that’d be nice.” Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about …

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  1. Regina Danielle says

    I'm a fashion students and I'm so entertained😍

  2. zucchini says

    Poor dress was wasted..and I couldn't help but keep noticing his nipples lol.

  3. Renee Shoopman says

    All the comments are just people hating on this dude! I like it and it’s cute!

  4. Lizz Tewers says

    Please make this into a series with different designers each episode

  5. Sampada K.C. says

    Those nails are creeping me out.

  6. Beca YT says

    He didn't know how to use the dye properly.

  7. Tess Hilson says

    Friendly neighbourhood seamstress and dye enthusiast here: in order to dye polyester, the fabric needs to be boiled in the dye on a stove top for 45mins+. That specific dye (Rit DyeMore) has the specific instructions printed on the bottle!

  8. sahasra _loveyourself says

    It looks so beautiful..❤🧡💛💚💙💖💜😳🥴😊

  9. Katrine Belen says

    Very bad design.. sorry to say..

  10. Lunatic says

    Is that Mathew from Project runaway Junior?! Feeling old.

  11. Sophie Shi says

    Ya all hating but I love it!

  12. Diasree Roy says

    The designer kinda sounds like Nikita Dragun😅

  13. walter edgar says

    Why is everyone saying this designer doesn't know what he's doing?? He is clearly a professional like girlll he works with celebrities!

  14. schhh says

    Why didn't they just get a tailor?

  15. ꧁Ms Wilson꧂ says

    You should trim the zipper length to fit. It just needs a new stopper. 😊

  16. denpa kyoshi says

    they're called shears, not fabric scissors 🙁

  17. akatsukinaty says

    He is so nice! I love his vibe <3

  18. jake. says

    this is that annoying girl I saw in one of arias videos. i don’t like her vibe

  19. Dety Deco says

    Was I the only one that heard “hi, I’m not Sarafa”😂 0:35

  20. Jodi Lund says

    Nothing to say cause every comment nailed it!!! 😫🤐✂🗑

  21. H. H. says

    Coolirpa does it better

  22. Lolin Magallanes Gomez says

    HER HAIR😍😍😍😍

  23. MrCarrottCake100 says

    So great! Please make more of these and bring Matt back! He was such a great teacher 🙂

  24. Archana Murti says

    Those nails are impediments to every activity and don't look good either… why are such nails a thing??? I just don't understand.

  25. Smartphone Games says

    The last guy was from tasty??

  26. Anh Nguyen says

    Someone get bestdressed and coolirpa to do this atleast once please 🙄

  27. Daisy Duck says

    he is so tacky. 2007 called, they want his ideas back.

  28. AriaThe Gamer says

    Wasn’t he on project runway juniors?!And that top don’t get me started..I’m sorry but I do not like how it looks and it’s not everyday were..At all..Rip..

  29. Clary Piriz says

    I mean, based on what he is wearing, it looks like something he’d wear on his everyday life

  30. Catalina Mendoza says

    Please make this a regular series!!!!

  31. Lee Lu says

    FYI the directions on the dye bottle are very helpful… It requires very hot water. Salt added to it can help the dye fix better too.

    Perhaps it would be better to have more older/experienced designers. I'd focus on those with teaching experience and an actual degree or certification in fashion.

  32. Free chapter says

    Gosh i love mat makeup and style. 😍😍

  33. Shannon Nease says

    As a fashion designer, to over dye synthetic he should have done it in boiling water. It takes way less time and the fabric takes better

  34. Carrie Swank says

    Megan, you can rock ANY any in that!

  35. Gowri Selvaraj says

    Did buzzfeed find their "celebrity fashion designer" in Instagram?

  36. ringphawon shaiza says

    I'd love to watch without nails

  37. Carolina Cobos says

    This feels like the most beginner sewing project ever, wow

  38. Foivi Triantafyllou says

    Am I the only one that remembers him from project runaway junior? He was not good at all during his season and was eliminated really fast but I remember that he somehow blew up

  39. Chynna Norine Francisco says

    Wow auri was like hey #zerowaste

  40. LinMarie xOxO says

    A croptop and rhinestones???? Disapointed

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