I Challenged Myself To Cook For Friends Using Only Celebrity Recipes • Holiday Dinner Series: Part 2

I Challenged Myself To Cook For Friends Using Only Celebrity Recipes • Holiday Dinner Series: Part 2
Part 2 of Lindsay’s holiday cooking saga! Will she rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure? Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR About As/Is: …

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  1. Porschia Williams says

    Joan's got some thick flaps 😘😘😘

  2. Frankie Frank says

    The cabinet test only works with spaghetti or angel hair pasta 😂❤️

  3. Frankie Frank says

    Literally the worst choice of top to be cooking in 😖

  4. kkathartu says

    I'm upset that she RECOOKED a HoneyBaked Ham. 1) those are fully cooked 2) they're expensive 3) Martha's recipe is for a raw ham omg. Honestly, she's lucky it wasn't sooooooo overcooked and tough

  5. jamima tjivangurura says

    Soooo the hams name is Joan and my name is Joan which means that I am ham

  6. Mia Angeles says

    I love you jazz. You make me feel like I can rule the universe. A couple of months ago I was in a bad place. I started watching you and it gave me the confidence to come out to my family and it was great. We even went a parade. You are the best and I am really grateful for you and I hope the best for you. Thankyou😌

  7. BlackGirlGuidance says

    At least get the Jiffy cornbread

  8. Lunar Wolf says

    The mac and cheese looked like a cheesy lasagna. Which isn’t bad, looked delicious :3

  9. S B says

    My sweet cornbread hack:
    1 package of jiffy cornbread
    As much honey as your heart desires
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    Follow directions on package.

    My savory cornbread hack:
    1 package of jiffy cornbread
    1/4 cup of shredded cheese of your choice
    1 of those tiny cans of chopped jalapenos
    Follow directions on package

  10. VID 13 says

    When a Buzzfeed employee (*and Chrissy Tiegen's BFF*) missed the big news story when Chrissy told everyone they were miss pronouncing her name………and still are

  11. Meg Swan says

    Blowing santas cover man..

  12. Jess.ka says

    I don't understand how people like this actually survive through life, let alone get to an age greater than 20.

  13. Eva Mosdell says

    Linzey: "Lazzy"
    Linzey: "Our name combined"
    Me: Ya mean ship name?

  14. kbaby82 says

    I knew that Kim K cornbread hack was going to be some bs. These are things that are well known to use with instant cornbread 🤦🏽‍♀️
    The ham looks really good. I really want to try that fancy salad 😂❤️.

    I think Lindsay needs to be on the Netflix show Nailed It . Everyone on that show doesn’t follow directions either. 😂

  15. k*don* says

    The pasta on the cabinet usually works with spaghetti. Im cringing on this video so much as someone who cooks on a the reg.

  16. Avantika Agarwal says

    Eagerly waiting for part 3

  17. Rachel Frumkin says

    Next time just cut the pomegranate in half and give it wack. Also girl you can just buy the seeds and not have to go through the trouble same thing with the sqaush, you can buy pre peeled and cubed squash. Work smarter not harder.

  18. Livos S says

    Longer videosss with lindsayyy

  19. Joan Knight says

    My name is Joan and I always look good!! Lol!!

  20. Shanda Mell says

    Uhm hot take…. Sweet cornbread is trash. Cornbread isn't meant to taste like cake. Where I am from we don't do sweet cornbread or box cornbread period.

  21. Elizabeth Matlock says

    Me watching Lindsay cut the pomegranate: YOU’RE STAINING EVERYTHING!

    The hack is you get a large bowl of water and break it apart underwater. All the bad stuff floats and some bad stuff sticks but you can identify it bc the majority floats and you just pick that off.

  22. chai latte says

    Seeing her wear a baggy white sweater while cooking made me so nervous

  23. Taylor Purdue says

    I want to know where she got that sweater!!!!!

  24. Posiepie 05 says

    This is how I cook 😂 confused sorta confidant and missing ingredients

  25. Bretton Hutt says

    I find it offensive when people don’t know how to prepare basic recipes and feel unsure of themselves in the kitchen

  26. hotbluflame2 says

    Another reason to dislike Kim Kardashian: she’s out here making cornbread into cake. 😒

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