I Challenged Myself To Make Taylor Swift's Dessert For My Friends • Holiday Dinner Series: Part 3

I Challenged Myself To Make Taylor Swift's Dessert For My Friends • Holiday Dinner Series: Part 3
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  1. Carly Susan says

    I would love to see Lindsay cook a 3 course meal for some single guys! Speed date one for each course!

  2. Carina Ulm says

    heavy handed, but looks amazing. Also, how the heck didi she get 170$ for DECORATIONS!! yikes

  3. Danz Mojica says

    Liz: Joyce likes it, it’s fine..
    Joyce: It’s F-R-E-E babyyyy

  4. Taylor swift love says

    Taylor swift!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. Tyran Jackson says

    This was so fun to watch and that ham looks so goood

  6. Giovanna Moraes says

    ok but did the camera guy ate with them?

  7. Evelyn Marroquin says

    $170 and she didnt even buy a tablecloth? All that stuff she bought looks like she could have found it at the 99 cent only store. And she could have thrifted some items.

  8. Avery Matthews says

    Idk her name : “ this is like fearless Taylor swifts 1st album”
    Me:” omfg I am going to die”

  9. Marc Manuele says

    Loved this whole little series

  10. Nik Patience says

    I’m so glad it turned out good!!! Great series!!!

  11. sunshine McCartney says

    "these look beautiful ??? taylor swift is known for her cookie recipes????? I love eggnog???? and I love chai ????"

  12. I.M. dMented says

    Cooking an entire holiday meal is daunting. You did great!

  13. John Secret Spirit says

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  14. x8Sophie says


  15. TheLostLemuria says

    The acanthosis nigricans on Joyce… Sis is on the verge of diabetes if she doesn’t have it already

  16. Sofia Mazzeo says

    Just watch what Joyce says and all my Swifty buddies are gonna know what I'm about to say…

    Fearless was Taylor's 2nd album. Taylor Swift was the first album(it's self titled). 😁

  17. Teiah Millar says

    I lovedddd this series! Props to Lindsay for getting in the kitchen and giving it a go, you actually smashed it and now I want to make literally everythinggggg in that table 😍

  18. Katya Buenavidez says

    I Love The Measuring Cups!!! Where did they buy that???

  19. Autumm Dottir says

    Why is everyone making such a big deal about the paprika? Does it really matter that it was mixed in? People mix paprika into potato salad all the time, it ain't gonna kill anybody

    Unless, of course, you're allergic to paprika 😬

  20. ajkenny177 says

    This was awesome!

  21. Allison Fiveash says

    Lindsay what brand & color of red lipstick is that? I love it!

  22. Apparently Rood says

    Auri would not be happy with those decorations

  23. Kierra Ramsey says

    Omg the food looks amazing lindsey!! You rocked it

  24. standintherain716 says

    "You can eat tea leaves?"

    … typically the only step between dry tea leaves and tea is soaking said leaves in water. Why the heck would they not be edible prior to that? It's not like water reacts with the leaves and neutralizes some sort of poison.. 😂 😂

  25. Kenzie Donahue says

    Can we talk about how bomb this series was

  26. Ally M says

    170 for table decor 😱

  27. Stephanie Tardif-Bennett says

    I just love Lindsay like Lindsay you’re just a queen that is all

  28. madeleine hoyle says

    pause at 3:15 mmmmmooooooddddd

  29. imaly2009 says

    Great work Lindsay! Looks amazing

  30. Patty Kitten Guru says

    Bravo ! excellent meal

  31. JayNice3 says

    “I love free food” Yasss! Facts!

  32. Rosario Mata says

    "extremely amature chef" lol she's barely a cook

  33. gee ma says

    Joyce is ruthless "she's a perfectionist to the point it's a flaw. " Lol 😂

  34. sarah carpenter says

    Ooomf eggs should be realy done a few hours off, the taste kinda deflates if you dont

  35. Laynee Byers says

    She said t swift was known for her cookie recipes, not that she's done anything else notable

  36. thisdjchick says

    Saying “chai tea” is redundant. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  37. Hollie Edwards says

    Is no one gonna talk about how Jazz spent $170 to DECORATE A TABLE??? What kind of money are these buzzfeeders on???

  38. Joes Joes says

    This ham made me hungry

  39. Autumn Baker says

    All her fat, judgmental ‘friends’ 😂

  40. faureamour says

    Nice! Proud of Lindsay. I've recently embarked on a cooking journey, so I get the challenge it can be.

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