I Dressed So You Could See My Belly Fat For A Week

I Dressed So You Could See My Belly Fat For A Week
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  1. xX It me ur Queen Xx says

    Well I guess they deleted all the hate comments :/

  2. Ebby 2008 says

    Hey you look great

  3. [Banned User] says

    It cost 0 dollars not to do this

  4. Marty Foshee says

    Be proud of the body god gave you wear what you want be happy in the body God have you

  5. 18Diamonds says

    my belly is my biggest insecurity ;(

  6. Roman Lesa says

    Wow! Can I say somethin? Hope u're gonna like this,cause I can say that I like u and also I love that pic of u when u had that blue long skirt it's really sexy :33 And I say it as a person,who cares most of a character etc. 🙂

  7. Lead_Marie says

    Awwww the black dress with the flannel 🥰🥰🥰

  8. Eddie Jones says

    Shes so right tho.. you can be fat ANYWHERE but your belly for some reason.. I dont get society..🤔

  9. Odessy The Collie says

    Love the confidence

  10. Ann Morris says

    She looked beautiful! Thank you for easing my self hatred for a while!

  11. PTSD53 out n about says

    Can't find spanx my size; im a size 18 in UK size yet still can't find a frgn body slimmer to fit me;on Amazon and eBay its all s, m,l,xl,xxl etc ; most of the clothes are made in China and still tiny even in xxl, so it's hard for me to find clothes that look stylish and fit properly,so i always look like a sack of spuds😟

  12. Emilia says

    I'm just thinking of the song "juicy" from Doja Cat :3 🍑💥

  13. Ted Stefan says

    my girlfriend has been showing off her tummy more and more thanks to girls like this all over insta.

  14. Liam Middleton says


  15. Intan Amalia says

    Kristin I love youuuuu~ thanks for over sharing in order to spread body positivity and love😍😘

  16. R M says

    I like how there is no video footage of her walking around in the clothes. Probably because so gross to look at.

  17. summer Dawn says

    I love this girl! I want a ounce of her confidence.

  18. I. Feel ashamed

  19. Captain America says

    No one wants to see your belly

  20. CrazyNerd 2022 says

    I love the part where she's like "it's my belly and I don't give a f***" 2:57

  21. arini arini says

    But you always beautiful with everything that you wore,girl..
    Love you

  22. E says

    This would be so hard for me

  23. Erin Cain says

    "🎶It's my belly! And I don't give a f**k!🎶" 😂❤️

  24. Shreks Desert sausages says

    Wow, You just gave my the confidence to wear shorts again..not short..shorts but shorts

  25. Hey It'sJill says

    That second outfit was amazing on her

  26. Ralph says


  27. Ash bang says


  28. Spencer Matondo says

    who does that ??????

  29. richard Turk says

    You look good really.

  30. Just Maddie says

    I love the skirt and t! Looks so cute. You look so nice.

  31. Shoemcflex Theflex says

    Someone tell her she fat and it’s not good to be fat

  32. Emszter Karácson says

    Of course you can wear whatever you want to but that doesn't mean that it will flatter you.

  33. A non A non says

    Britney Spears sucks her stomach in too.

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