I Followed A Day In The Life Of My 89-Year-Old Grandma

I Followed A Day In The Life Of My 89-Year-Old Grandma
Krista tries her 89-year old grandma’s routine for a day! Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

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  1. Matthew Wilson says

    What a sweetheart of a grandma

  2. Editha Mae Ulanday says

    This is the most wholesome video i have ever watched in my entire liiiife ❗❗❗

  3. chebae xx says

    She’s so sweet and adorable, bless her heart ❤️

  4. Brianna Reyes says

    Yall remind me of my family. My great grandma actually looks very similar😂 And has also wrapped her head in toilet paper for as long as i can remember lol.

  5. John Secret Spirit says

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  6. tee jay says

    I’m 30 and my grandmother is 90 and there is nothing I’d trade in this world than spending time with her when I can. She lives independently still and has no plans on going to a nursing home neither.

  7. Renee Medina says

    You should do more videos with your grandma

  8. Heaven Green says

    Wish my grandma was cool

  9. Dee Chaney says

    Dear Lord I miss my grandmother 😣😓

  10. Lauren Jahnke says

    These kinds of videos are so feel good and relaxing. She is so nice and reminds me of my grandmas passed

  11. somshunsun says

    This was so darn sweet! I wish I could have this with my grandmother 💕

  12. Blu3IcedTea says

    She's a treasure♡ pie-making tutorials please!

  13. Amaika16 says

    "You wash your face with hand soap!?" Yea have you ever seen one that says face soap? Yes Grandma 🤣 my mom is like this, no skincare whatsoever and no wrinkles at 50. I hope I got those genetics. Love this video

  14. Annie Dowda says

    Your grandma is awesome! What a great experience! She’s so cute!

  15. Aiden Seamus says

    The grandson is 🔥 🔥 on the piano

  16. Aiden Seamus says


  17. Christina Johnson says

    Grandma’s awesome

  18. Starring Stormy says

    Gosh I would love to be able to do this with my granny!! Miss you granny! ❤️ she was lovely

  19. jinan firas says

    Have you ever seen something called face soap?
    Ya they sell it….


  20. Anjelica Violetta says

    My beloved 83 years old granny just passed away 6 months ago. I bet she would be like grandma gladys if she's still alive

  21. jinan firas says

    I love this grandma

  22. Misha Elisabeth says

    Cherish your time with her, you are extremely lucky. I would love to have a grandma who cared about me.

  23. Maloree says

    My grandmother is 92 and was doing great up until 2 years ago. This warmed my heart.

  24. Aponte Anthony says

    This is so amazing and she is a whole sweetheart

  25. Kristine Teall says

    My grandma also wrapped her hair in toilet paper, and got her hair done on Thursdays! She lived to be 94, but I feel like your grandma may live to be at least 100… I don't think even I could keep up with her!

  26. Courtni Breann says

    Not to be dramatic but I’d die for grandma Gladys she’s the cutest

  27. Emilia Modrusan says

    She's never used a paring knife before???

  28. Kanika Chi-Su-Na says

    this video is so cute and funny..

  29. Alihandra Dubien says

    you're grandma is so cute! <3

  30. Odeyssa Allen says

    This is 100% Granny from Squidbillies!

  31. crazykaitlyn says

    I see my grandma every single day and it's so true they are obsessed with hair care! 😂😂 Mine is 87. She is also a spring chicken, but she doesn't get as many phone calls cause she doesn't know how to use her phone lol

  32. Breana Navarro says

    Can she be my grandma too?? You can tell her family doesn’t take her for granted ❤️ I volunteer at a nursing home and their families hardly visit. It’s nice to see this for a change.

  33. Guggvc Jhh says

    I thought buzzfeed makeup team improved for a sec.. thought this was a transformation video lmao

  34. Erika Miller says

    What a sweet sweet lady.

  35. Love this video! Kinda reminds me of my grandparents lol 😂 I live with my grandparents and I still have 3 grandparents, I feel so lucky!

  36. Sarah Yumet says

    This is sooo special I love it so much

  37. Loreena B says

    That moment when you realize you're secretly an old lady in a mid twenties body 😂

  38. Sarah Yumet says

    Oh my gosh I love her

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