I Got A Soft Girl Makeover

I Got A Soft Girl Makeover
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  1. inseo mia 💙 says

    People are judgemantal.

  2. skyski90 says

    I LOVE HER!!!!! She needs to be in more videos! She's sassy and funny as heck!

  3. Daniela Rivera says

    Ooofff not the best transformation I think they could have tried harder

  4. Kali 1008 says

    sooo… a vsco girl

  5. Ania D says

    The makeover look is a catastrophe. Do people not actually know how to style aesthetics?

  6. tooka81 says

    So wonderful, how this look and having a great day livened up her mood! She seemed so happy and looked really cute!

  7. TheBlurbs D. says

    Lol awful. Just awful

  8. huang huixi says

    omg her makeup are so thick..

  9. Ale Ventes says

    can everyone stop bitchin’ about how “this is not a soft makeover” and appreciate how beautiful and sweet she is? ✨

  10. dreamythedreamer says

    Being calling cute

  11. Whoopsy Daisy says

    Omg I hate it. You look MUCH better with your normal look.

  12. eun_ cntllpz says

    Dont like the transformation i prefer her style before

  13. fuzzy sharks says

    omfggg that skirt is fugly worn with that other stuff

  14. Miss Raquel says

    Rachel would look great with a pixie cut. That wig was atrocious!

  15. Brittany Lumpp says

    I feel like she was more approachable the first time.

  16. Cheyenne Hoerr says

    Could have been soft without the wig lol

  17. Kaitlin Marie says

    It’s pretty much just her hair that was “hard girl” before

  18. Emily Edwards says

    You were beautiful and cute as yourself! Not just with the soft girl look

  19. Victoria Rose says

    The hair looked soooo much better when it was down. And it would've also helped cover her tattoos on her collarbones
    ((Or you know. Also give her a top that covered it. Like a logical person would.))

  20. Maria Montoya says

    she is so pretty with the blonde hair. love it 💛

  21. Alexa Rocha says

    When she put the butterfly clips in her hair!! 🥰

  22. Julianne Hughes says

    So the transformation wasn’t so great….but she is amazing and should be in more videos!

  23. Umi Urchin says

    Her shirt is nice

  24. Umi Urchin says

    Her wig kinda nasty but she looks good

  25. Linh Gia Nguyen says

    R/notlikeothergirls: “I LIKE THE COLOR BLACK AND HATE PINK!!!!”

    Me(as a softgirl): pink probably hates you too.

  26. Hannah Halpern says

    I want to know what lip she is wearing

  27. Misheru Momo says

    This makeover is kind of weird:s
    The title should be: “Soft girl makeover goes bad”

  28. Dana Rainey says

    some of these comments are so mean! she’s adorable and i love that she’s feeling the look 💕

  29. Evelyn J says

    Dua lipa is that you?!?

  30. Tamara Obradović says

    omg its nicole!

  31. Kaylin Snyder says

    YOU LOOK SO CUTE!!!!😍😍😍😘😘👏👏👏👏👏

  32. Victorea Nassar says

    You look beautiful in both looks 💙

  33. shirley song says

    Lara Jean from To All the Boys would have been a good inspiration

  34. Chris Pettitt says

    so much prettier b 4 than after. Your you.💀💀💀💟💟💟

  35. April-Adele Whyte says

    This look is more of a westernised lollita than whatever the heck a "soft girl" is… Lol

    You look adorable though.

  36. 80 APocryphal says

    The wig was so much better once she took it out of that horrendous side ponytail. I don't know why though, but she started giving me Scarlett Johansson right after…

  37. Andrew Kuldip says

    I think Rachel looks more hot in her usual attire. I wish I could meet her

  38. Ro Ro says

    She could of kept some of herself in the “soft girl” look. Like her hair, tattoos.

  39. G hanson says

    Not a great makeover and that tattoo cover up job was not good at all 🤦‍♀️

  40. Lily Macdonald says

    Where are the top and wig from? I wanttt

  41. SailorPuke says

    I mean they tried but how is that beautiful dark lip “soft” ????

  42. Colby Allen says

    She said she didn't judge people by their looks, but by her own admission, she was changing her attitude by her own looks…

  43. Saundaryima Malviya says

    But she looks so adorable ❤

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