I HATE my Conjoined Twin – A TRUE Story Animation (Share My Story)

I HATE my Conjoined Twin – A TRUE Story Animation (Share My Story)
Azzyland – I HATE my Conjoined Twin – A TRUE Story Animation (Share My Story) ‍ ‍ SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 ✨ SOCIAL …

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  1. Hamza Shaikh says

    She didn't show the part of it because it was illegal


  2. hydar ali says

    Azzy skip the bad part 🤣🤣

  3. 123 456 says

    Hi watch those video i mean i watched alot

  4. Angleise Arias says

    Bonus Story:

    "It all started when with me being obsessed about history and archeology"

    Me: I LOVE those thing (In head): will I someday become a billionaire?

    Reality: NOPE.

  5. Dean Thacker says

    he should of got 150 million I used my calculator he got scammed 2nd story

  6. Angleise Arias says

    O.O they said no to Katsuki… "How rude…"

  7. Magui Sebios says

    I already see that hehehehe 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  8. Tatiana Jasenovcová says

    But imagen if one dies and the other one is still alive

  9. Olivia Hadiaris says

    His dad would have gone to jail for steeling his money . So if u think about it he did his dad a favour

  10. Ćhampïi 「 says


  11. Eyah Javier says

    Mom:i love you guys dearly
    Dad:LET THEM DIE!!!!!!

  12. Mashed Potato says

    Hi can you please subscribe to my channel mashed potato

  13. Kaylie Jay says

    First of all why is the other name but face when I'm not going to ask you

  14. Storm Trooper says

    U skip some parts

  15. Foxy148 the clever fox says

    WAIT THEY SAID NO TO BAKUGO??!?!? (Ok he does have anger issues but still I would give anything to date an anime character)

  16. Gabriela Armendariz says

    Poor bakugo getting rejected

  17. *`k u i n a`* says

    the boy would have gotten 15 million. not 50 million

    he cant do le quicc maths

  18. lexi bennett says

    sorry just…
    bakugou? can-can i have his tinder??

  19. RBBILO says

    Do you have dogs

  20. Rheaana Ortiz says

    Iove it🥰😘

  21. Freedom-Fighter-Airoplane110 says

    If the money was in a forest, technically wouldn't it be government property???

  22. Argentina Vanderhorst says

    150 million dollars if he would sell it to the same guy in the start

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