I Made A Giant 20-Pound Grilled Cheese For HellthyJunkFood • Tasty

I Made A Giant 20-Pound Grilled Cheese For HellthyJunkFood • Tasty
“I think this is the biggest cheese pull I’ve done in my life.” Follow Alvin for more food adventures: https://www.instagram.com/alvinzhoupwns Check out …

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  1. Alvin Zhou says

    I don't think I've ever been so excited to do a cheese pull in my life.

  2. VAIMA KARIO says

    Make a giant pap and stew

  3. ADC Quzr says

    Does anyone here actually know these two? I have watched them for a long time

  4. Johnny Bravo says

    thats NOT real cheeze.. Thats ANALOG cheeze !!

  5. Kirelos Medhat says

    Is it me or Alvin is socially awkward?!

  6. Shweta Ingale says

    gaint dumplings

  7. Genevieve Serna says

    I want to see giant cereal! I’m talking a Froot Loop the size of a sandwich

  8. benny igiehon says

    Is that the biggest Apple ever or is it just me ?

  9. Keylee Santiago says

    I low key want a giant fried chicken

  10. Faith Mertz says

    I need alvin and matt stonie to collab ASAP

  11. Nevaeh Szafranski says

    It has to be anoying to put all that cheese on the griled cheese sandwich

  12. Phi-long Hoang says

    Giant lollipop

  13. Jessie and Luke says

    Doesn't Julia look like a mixture of Kristen Bell and Megan Markle 😋

  14. Jack For You says

    Waste of food

  15. Low Fung Win says

    Is it just me or does Alvin always get tired.

  16. Exodus says

    Make a giant waffle something simple like your friends…

  17. Te Te says

    You could do a giant Krautwickerle (I think the correct translation would be stuffed cabbage)

  18. Daniela Achury says

    The bread dough was so round it looked like a breast implant 😂

  19. Preshita Prabhu Desai says

    Wht do u do of remaining food ? Waste ?

  20. Preshita Prabhu Desai says

    Plz use gloves

  21. Isha Bokey says

    How about a giant sizzling brownie with ice cream on top? Oooh, that would be wonderful!

  22. cookie monster says

    Gaint gulab jamun ( indian desert)

  23. Caiallday says


  24. XxGhoulTrooperxX Gamer says

    Up side sunny

  25. ENDER PLAYZ says

    I watch them too

  26. Ummy Mixed Cuisine says

    Cheesey 😍😍😍

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