I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty

I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty
“This is the world’s largest deliverable pizza. It’s pretty heavy.” Follow Alvin for more food adventures: https://www.instagram.com/alvinzhoupwns Check out …

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  1. Alvin Zhou says

    Thank you all for tuning in the for finale! We had such an amazing time making giant foods this season, and we're so grateful to our wonderful team behind the cameras that made it happen. Huge shoutout to Tiko from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Glendale to making this happen, as well as Hannah Williams for being such a great and hilarious mother.

    Who should we invite in next?

  2. Beacon Brothers says

    Let's a dough

    Classic dad joke

  3. okow tina says

    4 people finished the pizza in 38 mins? Doc i found some aliens

  4. Lisa Britz says

    A literal pizza party

  5. Pixel_Geist says

    i didnt know you were a part of BuzzFeed UNSUBSCRIBE

  6. Kez says

    "this is better than NYC pizza"

  7. Mk s says

    Love how Hannah whispered to Alvin to tell the kids to listen to their mom 😂😂

  8. Alex C says

    3:32 semen

  9. willmt says

    The pizza music gives me nightmares. Plz stop

  10. RaCoN :] says

    1 like= one pizza slice for you 🤤

  11. YoshiNator says

    I really don't understand pounds… It's weird listening to the word "pounds", because I don't know how heavy it is unless it's in kilograms.

  12. SaladAss says

    Alvin:- This is a workout x100000000

  13. LemonThea says

    Bruh pizza frenzy music right there xD

  14. sweaterweatherx says

    A pizza place near I live gives out 34' pizzas, it's called Aroma's Pizza

  15. _ctsd says

    Happy pizza noises got me

  16. Fredsco says


  17. AMysteriousGirl says


  18. Lavya Sen says

    Me and Gordon ramsy or noons and maybe your mom

  19. Lavya Sen says

    Alvin this is a work out
    Me alvins trying to be cool


    Jackson And Wyatt

  21. Malik Number 12 says

    Kids: Where's the…….. BACON????? lol

  22. 施昕辰 Helena says

    Tiko is like the Bob Ross of pizzas

  23. Jordi B says

    So… he basically did nothing apart from ordering the pizza and helping a bit? :/

  24. sam daguplo says

    The video was good, but why do you cut pizza like that?

  25. The Dank Sardina says

    15:44 thats what she said

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