I SPENT £200 IN PRIMARK! SUMMER CLOTHING TRY ON HAUL! • VLOG CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/15jMGl • INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/Roxxsaurus/ …

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  1. Kori Garbison says

    I would get : white crop top with red smile writing, nude purse, black little back pack, pink shorts, jump suite, nude pink t-shirt's top, nude pink shoes
    Love clothing haul they give me fashionable ideas!!!

  2. Vasudhaa Srinivasan says

    This is my favourite primark haul
    I love it so much

  3. Deekshita Bathula says

    The first black bag …..I have the same one but I have it in white colour ….

  4. Daniela Mujemulta says

    You bought a great things😍

  5. Alohi Fernandez says

    Yo im in malaga too 😀

  6. Ilinca LoveLover says

    I have the last one but in a different colour and I absolutely love it ❤️❤️

  7. Cicely Belle says

    Ilysm you are amazing and it would mean the world to me if you replied to this comment!

  8. Angell Dumetz says

    14-12 kids add up my snapchat ++adumetz (only 🇬🇧)

  9. Areet kaur says
  10. Shrouk Shahoot says

    I love the pink handbag 😙 white shoes pink shoes too

  11. Amber Kershaw says

    Can you please do a everything5pounds try on haul!!

  12. I Am Sam says

    I NEEEEEDDD that blue striped jumper in my life 😫😫😫😍😍😍

  13. I Am Sam says

    Really liking this video great job Roxi 😍😍😍💖💖💖

  14. Nada Ahmed Mahmoud says

    Whats mean pound in which country.. is she mean dollar?

  15. Ana Parfitt says

    love primark so much. never go in there without buying something. im going to portugal for a wedding this summer and im so excited. hopefully i can pick up a few bits for the hold :)))

  16. Rip bro Xxx says

    Ive got that nude backpack

  17. blueyes #Bs says

    Primark is the best place to buy clothes if you are broke like me😅😅

  18. Sakina Attar says


  19. Ashmitha Das says

    Love this❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. Nour Rebai says

    I love primark tooo💕💕

  21. danielle elizabeth says

    Great video! Btw I love ur accent😍😍❤

  22. jamila minglemypringle says

    Primark is soo good
    Love u and ur vids💕

  23. Isabel Cole says

    Luvvvvv primark #brits

  24. Eriss mobey says

    Love your haul videos they give me so much inspiration. I want to go shopping now 😂 xxx💜

  25. Eleanor_3105 says

    Yasssss Primark Queen 👸🏻🤑♥️

  26. Likely Ones says

    i want it toooo

  27. Katerina Konstantinidou says

    Do a primark make up haul+first impressions!❤️❤️

  28. Hahksuwl Hakssh says

    Plz do more but fashionova

  29. Danielle Rice says

    really good Primark haul love your style

  30. nataliaaa says

    I’m going to France and Spain and I have a fresh primark load of clothes to take 🙃

  31. LuCe says

    Majorca on the 25th July

  32. lily lol says

    She only spent £94

  33. cloudy moon says

    When do you go to Málaga?

  34. Kerry Eames says

    I wish I had that pink rucksack for my holiday next week!!

  35. Angelica Beneat says

    I’m visiting London and found a Primark and the very first thing I saw was the blue striped sweater and it reminded me of you and I bought it. Loveeee your videos ❤️

  36. Margaux Glaisner says

    I just came back from Malaga, unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to meet you 🙁

  37. Grace Lowe says

    2:25 her foot??? her singular foot???

  38. smile says

    I think the first one was totally Gucci Dionysus inspired actually ❤

  39. avaxjosephine says

    how many $200's does this girl have?!

  40. D. Thompson says

    It's literally six in the morning and I haven't been to bed yet, but here I am .. Finally catching up on your videos.

  41. mila james says

    The jumpsuit is 🔥

  42. Jiya Tandon says

    Could you plz plz plz do a closet tour. It would be huge by now….

  43. Natalie Sochor says

    You should be a model. I mean you're so good at modelling the clothes for us🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Connie Bailey says

    Your highlighter is on fleek girll!!

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