FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: http://instagram.com/Roxxsaurus/ HEY GUYS! TODAY’S VIDEO IS A LITTLE CRAZY! I spent £300 on Scratch cards… and …

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  1. Bronagh Lynch says

    Everyone keeps saying you should have bought all the same kind but tbh the odds are from all the cards printed, NOT in the pack. So e.g. The odds 1 of 3.48 of tickets printed, not in the roll. However, from personal experience, I work in a shop and get more wins from the last ticket in the pack (ticket 000) 😉

  2. remie angela :/ says

    Me after watching this : I have to gamble

  3. Toh Sui Chin says

    Is she get this idea from jazzy bumble😅

  4. Cynthie M says

    Where did you get your coat from? 🧥 😍

  5. Beauty by Darlene says

    I remember I was 8 months pregnant and all I wanted for my birthday was a scratch card so my mom had given me $5 and I bought 5 $1 scratch cards and in one of them I had won $50 I was so happy haha

  6. nomswife says

    Do you guys have the 2nd chance option? When u scan your ticket on the app and enter a sweepstakes type thing?

  7. Tin Bernas says

    Connect with vloggers/influencers on Phlanx platform!

  8. milica659 says

    You should of gotten from one store only one type, i think that way you'd have more chance, what if someone after you comes and buys one and it's the lucky one

  9. Swara D says

    Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

  10. Michele Brandt says

    Lol 😄 … Roxi explaining to the clerk's that she is filming a YouTube video. Bless her. I wouldn't explain anything to them… Keep them guessing.

  11. Ellegator says

    I'll watch any adverts so you can make some money back lol x

  12. lashayrandi says

    That coat is so cute I neeeed 😍❤️

  13. Ellegator says

    I never know if I've won or not because I don't know how they work but i love scratching the film off its so satisfying lol x

  14. Becky Wilcock says

    Each card will say the odds of 'winning' anything on the back of them so you can tell exactly which have the best odds x

  15. Toni Luna says

    This sounds like the kind of video that Zafiya would make

  16. Stephanie Turner says

    Its really only a profit if you win over 300 since that's how much you spent.

  17. Tululica says

    Unlucky to scratch with coppers!!

  18. Bridget Myers says

    I hope you went back and checked your loss pile because it looked like in the video that y’all put 2 winning cards in the losing pile

  19. Emma Harper says

    I used to work in a supermarket on the lotto/ scratch card department and the lottery in the uk do a Christmas raffle number lottery and I served a man who won the raffle number and won £20,000!!!! The lottery sent us a poster to display in the shop. I have never seen a man so excited / shocked / emotional in all my life. The two of us crying at his win. 😂🙈 I’ll never forget his reaction .

  20. Shawna Fisk says

    If you do this again maybe try to buy all of the roll of scratch offs, like only buy all the tickets of one kind, I’ve used that strategy before and won more than I spent!

  21. Just Me says

    I love this type of video 😁😁

  22. Holly Winbolt says

    I’m sad you didn’t credit jazzybum in this video as she did something very similar! Sorry if it was a coincidence on similar videos

  23. Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says

    Matt is easy on the eyes

  24. Katelyn Creager says

    Aw you guys are cute together ♥️♥️♥️ congrats!! 🎉 💍

  25. kkrispy2009 P says

    Great blog and wins

  26. Ali Lamb says

    Amazing omg this was so so good 💕💕

  27. Kelly Wildman says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the mess off scratching these things 😂 god help her living room floor 😂

  28. Frances M says

    in conclusion, don't do it 😂😂

  29. Emma Dalby says

    I won £10 on a christmas scratch card work bought me last year and £5 on one my boyfriends mom got me. I'm convinced I will lose if I buy one for myself, but if others buy them, I always win haha

  30. Scarlett Winters says

    5:10 and thats how it all began

  31. LifeofFallon says

    You actually didn’t make out as bad as I thought you might!!

  32. Kelly Turner says

    Haha I have never once won anything on a scratch card or lottery ticket! You actually didn’t do too bad considering! Loved this video 😊😊

  33. Lauren Streeter says

    It’s 16, but you still have to look 25…. in 25 and get annoyed when they I’d me lol 😂

  34. Ausra Gedris says

    I love how Matt films Roxi and laughs at all her jokes💕

    They are an adorable couple😁❤️

  35. thesoundspeaker says

    What a coincidence, I was just thinking today about buying around 5 scratch cards for fun. I never win though. I dunno…

  36. ShanLeigh_ Makeup says

    do you wanna come decorate my house cuz omg your lounge is GORGEOUS!! not that im surprised haha you have amazing taste! loved this video! i hope i do well on youtube like you one day xx

  37. Khristina Rada says

    You want to increase your odds you need to get all tge same type. It gets you in the increased odds of that type of card.

  38. Christina Wasylean says

    Have the losing cards checked you never know

  39. Imogenation says

    Omg I love this! I would get so excited just like you Rox 😂😂😂❤️❤️

  40. Natalie M says

    So I really enjoy your content but the moment you mocked Greta you lost my respect and you lost a subscriber. That young girl is doing more than you will ever do for our future, and you mock her? That's messed up

  41. Jessica Newman says

    where is your jumper from it looks gorgeous

  42. Mama Dell says

    I subbed you now I'm unsubbed. You are another content copier without mentioning other creators you got the idea from. Smh how about shouting out fellow creators even if it's just one it's gonna help.

  43. Shanda Mell says

    I put this on Jaz's video too. I do occasionally play the lotto because in my state here in the US it funds money for college students. So if I don't win I do know where that money goes and it's a good cause. Every college student I know is broke and needs that money 😁

  44. Lifestyle By V says

    This is the best video!! I love it 😅🧡👏🏼

  45. Sugar Snap says

    I like Matts accent 🙂

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