FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: http://instagram.com/Roxxsaurus/ What’s up guys!? In today’s video I spent £500 on Little Mix x Pretty Little Thing collaboration …

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  1. Roxi and Matt says

    Hope you guys enjoyed this video!!! I had so much fun filming it! If there's any other collaborations you'd like me to review give me a shout! Love you guys so much!

  2. Gintrė Glinskaitė says

    May fave is Jessy.

  3. Maria Cucina says


  4. Amanda McKnight says

    I love the last outfit you tried on love the boots

  5. Dreamin_Of_Disneyland says

    I would have to say my favorite outfits were 1 and 3 💖💙

  6. Shreesti Pokhrel says

    I am broke 😭😭

  7. Laila Sinke says

    did anyone notice that Jordan lipscombe made the exact same video the exact same time??? highly suspicious

  8. Nice Loreto says

    To be honest…. hearing you say it make me smile… |||| – |||| I can't help doing this… love you rox your so so cool.. to honest 🙂

  9. Taylor Scott says

    That last outfit was THE ONE😍

  10. sanaestheticz says


  11. Harinder Kaur says

    I love little mix so much and their collection is just wow
    Well you look very beautiful in all dresses specially in last one

  12. Chinimua says

    After seeing this last outfit, i want roxi to try out Indian outfits!!! Just imagining you in lehnega and SAREEEEESSS!!!!!!! Try and do it Roxi, please😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Jennifer McCann says

    I actually just watched Jordan Lipscombs haul and she said the exact same thing about the clothes smelling like fish!

  14. Khwahish Joshi says

    Any Indian here… love u Roxy 🇮🇳❤

  15. Alexander Phatomhive says

    Love the bodycon kimono

  16. Corrally Cow says

    Roxi what do you do with this stuff after your try on? Sell it? Return it?

  17. Jin jin says

    Roxi u should make a 'I'm not gonna lie ' merch 😂

  18. Leia Nickerson says

    Wish I could buy some of the snake print stuff but I can't it's too expensive and shipping is too much I'm assuming as well

  19. Emily Miriam May says

    That first dress looked a lil big on you ngl, cute af thoooo

  20. Mariko True says

    The last outfit was the most interesting. I just wonder why they didn't make the shirt dress in a gloss-black shade?

  21. Leago Pooe says

    Omg I love Little Mix 😭♥️wish I could afford this collection

  22. Julia Incopero says

    Jazy or however u spell her name I think shes funny

  23. Rachael Shannon says

    I wish I could wear long boots, but I'm too short =[ . But that first dress is so pretty!!

  24. Cherry Win says

    As a Chinese…idk how to feel abt the 2nd outfit….

  25. Shannon Witt says

    Also they don't wear stuff like this one stage. You sound like such a fake fan, even though, I know you aren't claiming to be a fan in the first place. but thats whats coming off you in what you're saying. so yikes.

  26. Shannon Witt says

    I wish you buy one from every different like, style. One snake print, one like 'Chinese' inspired one, one dress one, and one of the other one or something. I really wanted to see the Black dress Perrie was wearing.

  27. darren reid says

    I like all the little mix the same

  28. Maggie Bribiesca says

    Omg love it ♡ you totally rocked it! 🔥

  29. Annie Mcguire says

    Jesys 100% my favourite!

  30. Cerys Griffiths says

    The collection is very OTT it's not for the average person I have said this on every ones channels who have tried it it's not good reviews so far no one as pulled it off so far not a fan of it it's for pop stars

  31. sweetandcynical says

    Love most of these looks for fashion week

  32. Taleen A says

    What size did she get?

  33. Julia Ridgeley1 says

    I’m glad you made a video on this, I was really curious about this line but the prices are crazy expensive here in Canada, so I was a little hesitant on it. Now that I’ve got your opinion which I trust, I might pick something out, the real question is what will I get lol.

  34. i love this girl so much

  35. nanda nanda says

    I loved. Kisses from Brazil 😘😘😘

  36. Michelle Van Ness says

    BTW, I got all three of your palettes and I'm honestly loving them!

  37. Rachel Dall-Afford says

    I wanted to see you try on something from Jesy's range. I am obsessed with little mix and was hoping to see you try on outfits from all the girls

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